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The pain of the famous for the death of Gino Renni: “He was a loving partner”

The pain of the famous for the death of Gino Renni:

The Pain Of The Famous For The Death Of Gino Renni: &Quot;He Was A Loving Partner&Quot; - Light Home News

The entertainment world fired comedian Gino Renni this Sunday on social networks, who died at the age of 78 when the coronavirus picture for which he was hospitalized almost two months ago became complicated.

“Goodbye friend, goodbye partner !! Che gave you pledge to the suo fianco and riposi in pace .. Emilio .. Rolo and the Russian they already have the table reserved and the wine open.. RIP “, wrote the driver Mariano Iudica, a bit in Spanish, the same in Italian.

One of the first to turn to the networks to fire Renni was Gustavo Yankelevich, who said: “Have a very good trip, dear Tano. Real friend, companion of a thousand wonderful moments. I love you so much Tano ….. I’m going to miss you. # GinoRenni”.

“We believed in these weeks that for justice this would not end up happening. It costs us the departure of dear Gino. He fought it a lot. A lot. Hug friend!”, Confirmed for its part the official account of the Multitabaris / Multiteatro Comafi theater, owned by Rottemberg.

The actress Veronica Llinás He also used the networks to fire his colleague: “Oops, no, loving companion. Rest in peace, #GinoRenni Black heart “.

“Hoo Gino Renni died what a shame! We have laughed a lot together. Good trip Gino RIP “, highlighted Anabel Cherubito.

For his part, the comedian Sergio Gonal highlighted: “Gino Renni left I can’t believe it, a pleasure to meet you … Thank you Tano!”.

The actor and singer had been admitted with bilateral pneumonia on June 7According to him, he had confirmed it on social networks to those close to him who at that time gave him greetings on his birthday.

“It complies complicated, yesterday they admitted me with covid and that I had the two doses, I hope it will pass soon,” Renni had written that day on Twitter, adding later: “I have apparently mild bilateral pneumonia and I am being treated with oxygen and a anticoagulant. I am worried and down, and celebrating a different birthday. In the next few hours my doctor will tell me how we continue. “

The actor was born in Calabria under the name of Luigi Melieni Mollo but at the age of three he settled in our country where in the 1960s he began an extensive career as a singer and comedian.

However, the great popularity was to come to him in the ’70s and’ 80s with innumerable participations in remembered television comedy cycles, such as “La Nuerca”, “Operación Ha Ja”, “Mesa de Noticias”, “Brigada Cola” and ” Onions “, among others; as well as in novels such as “Amándote”, “Perla negra” and “Muñeca brava”, along with figures such as Arnaldo André, Andrea del Boca and Natalia Oreiro, among others.