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The origin or when the beginning is better than what we already saw

The origin or when the beginning is better than what we already saw

If it is difficult to maintain the attention and the tension throughout more than two hours of projection in any film, go to credit the one of Matthew Vaughn, who in King’s Man: The Origin You don’t take your foot off the gas for a second.

First of all, let’s clarify that it is not necessary to have seen the previous films of Kingsman, which take place a century after the events of The origin. There is a wink and mention of the Statesman Whiskey – wink to King’s Man: The Golden Circle (2017) – because you have to look good with the fans, but not much else.

It’s 1914. Here we have the Duke of Oxford (Ralph fiennes Is it that it will always be very good, whatever genre it does?) Who has a double mission. On the one hand, he runs a small spy network, which will give rise, as the title indicates, which we already saw in two feature films starring Taron Egerton, and on the other, try to appease, if not impede, the wishes of his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson) for going to the front lines to fight in World War I.

Djimon Hounsou And Ralph Fiennes, A Century Before The Films We Saw In The Saga.  Disney Photo

Djimon Hounsou and Ralph Fiennes, a century before the films we saw in the saga. Disney Photo

Something happened in the beginning of the film, by which the concern and overprotection of the Duke towards his only son is understood.

Few, but good, against many, but bad

But we were saying that the duke’s miniscule organization is facing another of larger and international proportions, which is about to unleash the events that would lead to the First World War.

Rasputin, In The Skin Of The Unrecognizable Welshman Rhys Ifans (&Quot;A Place Called Notting Hill&Quot;).  Disney Photo

Rasputin, in the skin of the unrecognizable Welshman Rhys Ifans (“A place called Notting Hill”). Disney Photo

And while it is not known who his leader is, who gathers his henchmen in a place that is difficult to access and away from everything, he does have Rasputin among them (the Welshman Rhys Ifans, who was once Spike, the housemate of Hugh Grant in A place called Notting Hill, and it’s Lizard in Spider-Man: No Way Home), advisor to Tsar Nicholas II.

It’s incredibly funny how King’s Man: The Origin he appropriates characters and real events to give them a twist, the necessary to accommodate them to his benefit. Either Rasputin -who had cyanide for breakfast to prevent being poisoned, as is also mentioned in the current series Succession– or the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Harris Dickinson And Fiennes, The Son And The Duke Of Oxford: How The British Spy &Quot;Agency&Quot; Was Born.  Disney Photo

Harris Dickinson and Fiennes, the son and the Duke of Oxford: how the British spy “agency” was born. Disney Photo

Or as Quentin Tarantino usually does, in Inglorious Bastards or Once upon a time … in Hollywood, altering some real facts. Or don’t you remember that the Titanic James Cameron’s attack on the iceberg because a sailor was staring at Rose and Jack on the deck of the ship?

And we even have the same actor Tom Hollander playing three characters (King George of England, Kaiser Wilhelm, the aforementioned Tsar).

How Does The Actor From &Quot;Schindler

How does the actor from “Schindler’s List” always stay well, whatever the genre? Disney Photo

Being directed by the same director as its predecessors, The origin it maintains its aesthetics, but it seems that even its rhythm is more accelerated. And that does not appeal, until the last 20 minutes, to any device typical of action movies, with or without spies, to which Hollywood has been spoiling us in recent years.

Hand-to-hand fights, a trademark of the saga, are the order of the day, as is humor, counterpoints in dialogue and jumps from one city to another.

Gemma Arterton (&Quot;The Prince Of Persia&Quot;, &Quot;Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters&Quot;), Always In Action.  Disney Photo

Gemma Arterton (“The Prince of Persia”, “Hansel and Gretel: witch hunters”), always in action. Disney Photo

Will be King’s Man: The Origin the kickoff of a series of films that reach the present day? The size of the movie’s success will surely determine that.

King’s Man: The Origin

Very good

Action. USA / UK, 2021. Original title: “The King’s Man”. 131 ‘, SAM 13 R. From: Matthew Vaughn. With: Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Rhys Ifans, Tom Hollander, Gemma Arterton. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto and Unicenter, Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano.

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