Home Entertainment The Office star who spent New Years in jail for drunk driving

The Office star who spent New Years in jail for drunk driving

The Office star who spent New Years in jail for drunk driving

Actor David Koechner, known for his role on the series The Office, spent New Years in jail after being arrested for drunk driving. The comedian collided with a traffic sign as a result of his reckless driving and ran away, although he was later arrested.

As published by the tabloid portal TMZ, police sources reported that the actor He was arrested last Friday, December 31 In the afternoon, he was transferred to jail that same afternoon and his vehicle was taken to the municipal depot.

According to the same sources, the breathalyzer tests carried out on Koechner made it clear that exceeded the allowed alcohol limit. This was his first arrest for drunk driving.

David Koechner Of The Office: Bad Turn Of The Year.

David Koechner of The Office: Bad turn of the year.

The actor was released on New Years Day early in the morning, and will have to attend a trial scheduled for next March, where you will learn about the consequences of your erratic and dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

Who was in The Office

Koechner played Todd Packer, one of the most hated characters from the US version of The Office. He was the sales manager who worked at Dunder Mifflin since the late ’80s, a close friend of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and with a peculiar character: sexist, racist and with inappropriate comments and gestures at all hours, he became an uncomfortable icon from the mythical series.

Since it ended The Office, the American actor continued to achieve success, mainly as an actor in comic series such as Los Goldbergs or Bless this Mess. Also as a stand-up artist with his own shows, always representing that carefree character without mincing words who loves excesses, especially with alcohol.

David Koechner Of The Office Continued To Enjoy Success After The Series Ended.

David Koechner of The Office continued to enjoy success after the series ended.

A stainless phenomenon

More than fifteen years have passed since its premiere, but the phenomenon of The Office did not rust at all, since in 2020 it was the most watched streaming series in the United States.

Indeed: neither Friends, neither The simpsons. The most popular series to stream in the United States in 2020 was The Office, with 57.100 million minutes watched in total, according to the consulting firm Nielsen.

The scope of the splendid resurrection of The Office in the digital world is best appreciated by considering that Grey’s Anatomy, the second in that classification, it fell to a great distance when obtaining “only” 39,400 million minutes.

David Koechner Played The Most Hated Character On The Office.

David Koechner played the most hated character on The Office.

After his second and successful life on Netflix, the adventures of Steve Carell and company are available on Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max (all nine seasons) and Paramount ++ (seven seasons).

The origin

In a mix of sitcom and mockumentary (mockumentary) where the problems, miseries and entanglements of working life are described, The Office surprised between 2005 and 2013.

Steve Carell Takes The Lead Role In &Quot;The Office.&Quot;  Ap Photo

Steve Carell takes the lead role in “The Office.” AP Photo

Masterfully adapted from the homonymous English series (created by Stephen Merchant and Rick Gervais, the protagonist in addition to it), the North American version of The Office was in charge of Greg Daniels, also known for his work as a screenwriter for The Simpson Y Saturday night Live.

With Carell at the helm, The Office triumphed in its original broadcast by portraying the ridiculous, dysfunctional and absurd day to day of a Scranton (Pennsylvania, United States) paper company.

The series launched the careers of John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper., but nobody expected that many years later The Office continue sweeping and achieving new audiences.


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