The Northman: Wizards, Swords, and Roses

The Northman: Wizards, Swords, and Roses

small village The most commonly used source when describing family vendetta should be and The Lion King This has probably been his most extreme cinematographic example to date.

Robert Eggers, Filmmaker Who Has Already Shined Witch You Electricity housedecides to turn a new story upside down by telling the Nordic legend of Amleth, the same one used by William Shakespeare as the skeleton of his most famous prince’s tragedy.

Amletth (Alexander Skarsgard) is determined to avenge the death of his father (Ethan Hawke) at the hands of his uncle (Claes Bang), who thus forfeited the throne and the young man’s mother (Nicole Kidman).

A scene from the movie "The Northman".

A scene from the movie “The Northman”.

“I’ll avenge you, dad. I’m going to save you, mom. I’m going to kill you, uncle”, the prince repeats like a chant as the fratricide that serves as the hero’s exclusive drive is repeated. until he comes across a slave named Olga (Anya Taylor-Joy), who offers him a non-violent way to let lover Amaleth let him go as if she were a prisoner of his tragic fate.

She is the only one who drives him away, at least for one scene that gives him pause, from a violent universe that sheds blood.

Warlocks, Valkyries and Ravens

Robert Eggers maintains the fetish in his third film for his attention and tension from terrifying legends and every rite of life, but this time he dismisses the fact that his magical beasts and supernatural beings, such as the demonic goat and youth sorceress Witch or of the cursed seagull and merman Electricity houseCatch the guard and surprise the onlooker.

Filled with wizards, Valkyries, and a prophetic flock of crows, the ending of this story is written from the moment the viewer sits in a chair and breaks away from the spiral of violence.

The Northman is the kind of uncompromising, dark and violent version of the GladiatorAlthough the filmmaker preferred to define his film as a mixture of Conan the Barbarian You Andrey Rublev of Tarkovsky.

It’s impossible to watch a film without thinking of Mel Gibson’s cinematographic megalomania, but Eggers’ audiovisual commitment is complete and, unlike Gibson, he never loses sight of answers to superficial issues for cinema such as respecting extant language. , even though one of his magicians ( Ingvar Sigurðsson) delivers a masterclass in trance-inducing guttural sounds in one of many fascinating scenes north man,

Returning to the cinema in the company of his budding daughter, among the magical creatures that revolve around Emleth, Willem Dafoe and Björk, there is also a place for the protagonist to give his omen.

Those fleeting star appearances are key to fueling a filmmaker’s most violent film that was characterized by the creation of an uneasy atmosphere.

The mere fact of Kidman and Skarsgard crossing over as mother and son after the series big little lienear the end of where she played her abusive husband, without waiting for a complicated resolution to the family conflict is quite disturbing north man,

Everything contributes to creating a climax for the final duel at the Gates of Hell, with an active volcano in the background, in a fight worthy of the end of the saga star warsBut where we already know that there will be room for defeated winners.


“The Northman”

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Epic. United States, 2022, 136′. original title: The Northman. from: Robert Eggers. with: Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Björk, Ethan Hawke and Willem Defoe.


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