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The Northern Tigers. Innovation is the key to roar with success

With more than 50 years of musical career, The Northern Tigers They revealed that constant innovation has been the formula to stay in the public’s favor for so long.

In an interview for Noon news with the graduate Mary Julia Lafuentethe members of the group indicated that they will be at the National Palace, after being invited by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the celebrations of Cry of Independence.

“Every day we are always thinking about how to innovate, what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, record songs that the public likes; the songs are directly taken from the problems of the whole society, that is why I think we are here in force”, said Jorge Hernández, accordionist and first voice.

Other members of the norteño ensemble are Hernán Hernández, on electric bass and second voice; Eduardo Hernández, who plays different instruments, such as accordion, bass, saxophone, in addition to singing; Luis Hernández, on bass and voice, and Óscar Lara, on drums.

Before social networks everything was more complicated

In turn, they pointed out that social networks have facilitated communication, since at first they had to go from city to city to be on the radio.

“Today with this social network it is easier for us, but before we went from city to city to the radio, in person; We also entered the circle of networks, because we have been in music for many years, more than 50 years, and it was more difficult at the beginning, but little by little innovating many things, what we sing, the messages.

“It has to do with how we have performed, the consistency, our style of music we have never abandoned,” he said. Hernan Hernandez.

Also, hernan He reiterated that they only rest twice a year, in July and January, because in July the children leave school, and in January they plan what they will do during the year.

“We are always very busy, thank God.”

Tireless or Bosses of Bosses?

Edward Hernandez He commented that he likes the nickname of the Incansables better, since it arose from the Expo Guadalupe, where the group did not tire of playing and literally woke up at those great dances that were held in the place.

“In fact, we gave an album the title Incansables, because here in Monterrey they baptized us with that name.”

Nevertheless, Luis Hernandez He said that he likes Jefes de Jefes more, since it is also an emblematic album for his career, because it is full of pure corridos and experiences of the people, in addition to winning prizes.

“Actually, the song is a tribute to all the bosses of bosses in any field,” he said.

At the time of having a presentation, Los Tigres del Norte revealed that some get nervous, anxious and others are calmer, in addition to having signs, such as looking at each other on stage to communicate with each other.

“There are always nerves, anxiety to go on stage, to know how the public is, there are some who are more anxious than others and others who are calmer,” he said. Louis Hernandez.

In addition to his presentation during the Cry of Independence, The Northern Tigers They will play on October 14 and 15 at the Monterrey Arena.

Los Tigres del Norte on presentation in Zócalo: “we are going to give ourselves completely”

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