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The Nightmare in the Deep of the Night actor still has nightmares about the movie

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the character of Freddy Kruegerplayed by Robert Englund and created by director Wes Craven for the film Nightmare deep in the night (A Nightmare on Elm Streetin its original version), released in 1984 marked an entire generation.

In Craven’s film, a specialist in the horror genre, four teenagers from the fictional city of Springwood, Ohio, are attacked and persecuted in their dreams by a serial killer, a man with traces of burns on his face who uses a sharp leather glove to kill. As a curious fact, the film was the film debut of Johnny Depp.

Robert Englund played this man, with characteristics of a true nightmare that appeared wherever he went, and the protagonists could not escape falling asleep and dreaming. Freddy’s image continues to generate fear to this dayeven, to the actor himself who put the body to the character.

Robert Englund mimics the pose of the character who made him famous, Freddy Krueger.

Robert Englund mimics the pose of the character who made him famous, Freddy Krueger.

The image returned by the mirror

In an interview for the British newspaper GuardianEnglund, who is 75, spoke about the impressive make-up that the character of Freddy required and what it did to himself, at the start of filming. And to exemplify it, he recounted an anecdote that occurred during filming.

While they made him up, in that long process that required transforming his face into that of the fearsome and horrendous murdererEnglund took the opportunity to close his eyes and take a nap.

And he recounts what happened next: “Everything was very quiet on the set. There was a table, a plastic chair and a mirror with little lamps around it: the classic make-up room. The lights were dim while I took the opportunity to take a nap, around 4 in the morning, with my head resting on a rolled-up towel so I don’t ruin my makeup.”

Building suspense, he added: “I was waiting to be called to the set and I heard a knock on the door. When I sat downI saw this disfigured face looking at me in the mirror. the shock made me jump. I raised my hand and realized: ‘My God, it’s my own reflection!’ But it was such an amazing moment that I still have it in my nightmares.”

Robert Englund admitted that he too has nightmares of his own character.  Photo: AP.

Robert Englund admitted that he too has nightmares of his own character. Photo: AP.

That terrifying image was what gave the character success and made him a classic of horror genre films. Beyond his makeup, the actor wonders what exactly made Freddy so terrifying.

an icon of terror

Nightmare deep in the nightimposed the menacing presence of the Freddy character who gains his power by appearing in the dream world of the young people he terrorizes.

The figure of disfigured man wearing a red and green t-shirt, a hat and a glove with knivesgave him international fame as Englund who, in his real life, is the opposite of the character.

In Nightmare… several adolescents suffer from nightmares in which Freddy appears to them, a serial killer who in real life killed several children and adolescents; and that he got out of jail on a technicality.

Until one day, the parents of the victims burned it, as revenge. But Freddy swears to return to continue killing him. Finally, one of the young manages to get Freddy out of the dream and bring him to the real world to finish him off.

With this character, Englund became the new star of horror movies, something that had not happened since the 1960s, with figures like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. And he was one of the few actors who filmed eight consecutive movies of a saga, between 1984 and 2003.


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