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The new story of Marcelo Birmajar: The Aspirant

The new story of Marcelo Birmajar: The Aspirant

The New Story Of Marcelo Birmajar: The Aspirant - Light Home News

Kusane waited with his head resting on his fist, his elbows on the table, his eyes straight ahead. Within minutes he had to close the shop, he had not enrolled anyone for the whole of July. ¿did not call the party, or he was unable To attract new followers?

Every time a young man passed by, he looked at her as if trying to explain how much better the world could be. It was necessary to take only a joint decision: to destroy the bourgeoisie, to direct the means of production by the state and to impose the dictatorship of the proletariat. He wondered whether this was the correct sequence of slogans, or whether the dictatorship of the proletariat took precedence over the nationalization of the means of production?

In any case, the execution of the first owners. or hanging. The method also varied according to the circumstances of the class struggle. Lenin ordered to shoot the Tsar’s family: including the children. But Shining Path fighters preferred to start the fight by strangling the dogs in Lima. It was necessary to respect the different execution cultures introduced by the revolutionaries according to their origins.

the girl who approached him she looked like a spy for the elite. She was thin, but with full breasts, covered with a kind of black tunic, which did not neutralize her legs like columns of beauty and foam; He turned as if looking for something else, and Kusane applauded the monumental figure from calves to nape: the wild mound at the end of his back, the imperceptible reed movement of his hips. When he looked at her, that feminine face conjugated sensual magnetism and lustful paleness.

– can I join? He asked.

His voice touched the heart.

– to match? Kusen consulted incredulously.

“If I wanted to join a social cause, I would do it online,” she joked.

Kusane did not fully understand the joke, but in the meantime he was struck on the left side of the last tooth, under the fleshy lips, and by an extension of a more intense red color than the flag waving in the same entrance.

“I’ll take the data from you,” Kusane said. Do you have DNI?

“I do not use a DNI,” the applicant explained. My name is Ludmila de Vania.

Kusane wrote his name and asked: – Where do you live?

– I do not live. But I want to join.

Kusane again suspected infiltration. Daman did not rest on his efforts to eliminate Vanguard. Leninism of Marxism: But when they seized power, those secret agents would not be killed. Quite the contrary: they will use them to kill the bourgeoisie. How beautiful the girl was… No one else came close that month.

“Anyone can join,” Kusane improvised. It is enough to hate the bourgeoisie.

“I don’t hate at all,” answered Lyudmila. but I can help finish them: my way.

“I was just thinking about that,” Kusane admitted. how to kill them? Maybe hanging…

“I do not agree,” argued Lyudmila. This is part of the contribution I want to make to the party: destroy them. Living

“Every revolutionary can apply his methodology,” agreed Kusane. We are all one with the hatred of private propertyIt is everyone’s prerogative to decide how we execute the bourgeoisie. Let a hundred flowers open, as Mao said.

“I am not bound by hatred of private property,” said Lyudmila. I can help you keep other people’s houses anyway. But the palaces of my dynasty should be with us for eternity. If anyone dares to threaten them, we will destroy the attacker. I am sure we will agree: with the Communists of the East, between 45 and 1989, we were able to make an armistice. You seem like a very smart boy to me. Strictly speaking, the private property of others is indifferent to mine, except in my domain. I only pretend to the occupants.

– But what are you really looking for? Kusen encouraged himself.

You wanna get rid of the bourgeois, I intend to suck their blood. I am proposing a joint alliance between you and us. We may be allies for a few centuries. We wish they would stop tormenting us: formally integrating us into social life in our true utopia.

– When are they said to suck their blood…?

“Really,” confirmed Lyudmila. You imprison them by stripping them, we suck their blood. We want to join the revolution with our uniqueness.

Kusen looked at her suspiciously. Can you join without DNI, or do you need your manager’s approval? What if she turns out to be a spy and finds out that they have hung themselves from the light and cable?

– Can you come to this place the day after tomorrow?

“It should be around this time,” said Lyudmila.

“Yeah, yeah, never mind,” Kusen hoped.

Girl He’s gone, as if he’s lost on the horizon. His steps were so light that he did not even touch the ground, did not even touch. Suddenly he left: like a puff of smoke. Kusane called his manager. The next day they met at an emergency meeting.

“She’s a vampire,” determined the responsible. Vampires see the fate of humanity more clearly than mortals. Future. Red morning. And obviously they want to be involved. But what should we, as revolutionaries, answer to them?

What to do?

“Associate him,” Kusen suggested.

“No,” replied the responsible. We are not fans of football who claim to add assets without rhyme or reason. we we need honest extremistsWatch out for the progress and failures of the leader of the working class. Not millennials, feudal sects. We cannot be in possession of vampire stock. I say more: let’s end it as part of the ruling class.

Applause sealed the address. He is determined to secretly prepare the place with a sniper with a cross, holy water, garlic, mirrors, and a silver bullet. Kusen will pretend to associate him; As soon as Lyudmila bent down to sign, the responsible would push her into the atmosphere and the executor would shoot a silver bullet into her heart.

They would march with the corpse to Plaza de Mayo before dismembering, and they would show people that they had killed a vampire. This will be the threshold of revolution. Kusane reluctantly agreed, as he did not want to be expelled from the party. but self-conspiracy to evade order. This will alert Ludmila to the trap. As the hours passed, his misadventure grew: he would leave the party for Lyudmila. He used to warn her and ran away with her. She will leave only when he leaves her safely.

On the appointed evening, Kusen waited with a pen, a spreadsheet, and a knife hidden in a stocking. But Responsible and Lyudmila arrived with a brace. Kusen didn’t even have time to think about the reaction.

– Comrade Latin American will open the regional base of projection, with his speech – announced the responsible.

His face was pale, his eyes a dull jet, two fangs peeking out from under each end of the brown lips.

“Tell Kato to go,” the headmaster continued. Garlic, Cross and I broke the glasses.

Feeling the tightness of his heart, Kusen hurried to fulfill the order. Lyudmila didn’t even look at him. This was his way of doing it.