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The new season of the “Ted Lasso” series on Apple

The new season of the

The new season of the “Ted Lasso” series on Apple

LOS ANGELES (EFE).—”Ted Lasso”, a sweet comedy about the world of soccer, became the last great television revelation after receiving 20 Emmy nominations, a record for a debut fiction, which, moreover, became his second The season premieres.

Jason Sudeikis, the spirit behind this parody of the most popular game, hits the key to reaching the masses in the same way that in each episode his character, a gullible coach from “Deep America”, gains the trust of the British Premier League. Despite the fans having no idea about football.

“It’s not really a series about the sport (soccer),” the actor explained.

Because “Ted Lasso”, as Sudeikis argues, goes far beyond what happens on football fields. The plot revisits the arrogance of elite competition, the pressures in social networks, love breaks, mid-life crises and, incidentally, the cultural conflict between British and Americans.

It’s hard to find someone in these two countries who doesn’t know the premise of the series: an American football coach who lands in London to take the reins of a Premier League team.

goes to amy

Sudeikis, who has already won a Golden Globe, now aspires to win an Emmy for best leading actor – and as a screenwriter – in a format that created characters to promote the English league on the NBC network. has emerged, went viral on social media with some advertisements.

“It’s impossible to know what’s going to work but it did work,” Sudeikis said.

With its first 10 episodes, the series became the flagship of Apple TV+, the television service of the Apple giant that had yet to find a title that could compete face-to-face with productions from giants like HBO and Netflix.

Curiously, Apple was the only person interested in the series when it was introduced on the platform, as Bill Lawrence (the format’s co-creator) recalled during a premiere that the company held last week in Los Angeles, California. Held in California. From the noise that’s producing his comedy.

The event, held in the heart of West Hollywood, was attended by Tim Cook and more than just presenting a new batch of episodes, it celebrated its unexpected success.

“Getting messages from parents and kids watching the series together means a lot to us, but we never could have imagined it,” Sudeikis said.

In season one as “Ted Lasso” conquers an inspiring crew of cuff British, the sequel will see the charismatic coach tackle his problems and try to keep his human bar high.

Also, a strict sports psychologist (Sarah Niles) joins the cast, while club owner Rebecca tries to enter the universe of dating applications.

Sudeikis promises the same genuine and optimistic spirit that permeates the characters at the beginning of “Ted Lasso.”

A friendly style, which he describes as “feel-good comedy” in the United States, came at the right time of the pandemic and reassured critics.

other applications

In addition to the protagonist, actors Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed and Jeremy Swift have been nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Performance; As well as actresses Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham. Almost the entire cast.

“The more seriously you take something, the more opportunity there is to laugh at it,” Sudeikis said of the irrational fanfare that football provokes, a motto with which the actor faces a coveted nomination. Does matter.

If he maintains that balance, “Ted Lasso” has all the votes to put him on the podium of good rolls alongside genre icons like “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.”

The Emmy Awards will be delivered on September 19. “The Crown” and “The Mandalorian” are associated with 24 entries in different categories that will be awarded in the 73rd edition.

“Ted Lasso” surprised its success with 20 applications in its first season.

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