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The new season of “The Simpsons” will explain how they have predicted the future

The new season of “The Simpsons” will explain how they have predicted the future (photo: Antena 3)

For more than 2 decades, the series produced and directed by Matt Groening It has become a milestone in the history of the small screen around the world, where they have been since 1989 with no less than 33 seasons behind them with a view to one more.

The best-known animated family series in the world is about to premiere its 34th season in a new season, The Simpson will reveal one of the biggest secrets behind their productionbecause throughout his uninterrupted life on television have predicted various events that have been marked in the history of mankind.

In this context, Matt Selman, showrunner of the series, recently gave an interview to dead line Y spoke about the episode of this new season, where they revealed how for just over five decades they have predicted the future on more than one occasion.

We have a very crazy existential episode that explains how The Simpson predict the future. It is a conceptual episode with a lot of crazy things, but it explains how The Simpsons can predict the future”, he highlighted with great emotion for dead line.

The new season of
The new season of “The Simpsons” will explain how they have predicted the future (Photo: The Simpsons)

“I am very excited about Season 34. We cannot rest on our laurels. We have to push ourselves and challenge ourselves and make sure that each episode is different, emotional, visual, compelling, terrifying and cinematic.”

Selman also revealed other details about the new season of the hit animated franchise, which will include two Halloween specials, a parody of death notea chapter inspired by Item with krusty What penny-wise and the participation of the protagonist of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings of Marvel Studios, Simu Liu voicing a future boyfriend of Lisa.

“Our biggest creative challenge is making sure each episode is unique and different and has something new to say. Fortunately, things continue to happen in the world that need to be reflected in Springfield. So that is a thank you to the world, but also the world should improve, ”she finished with a laugh.

The Simpsons - Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4).  (photo: Fuentes with Calle)
The Simpsons – Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4). (photo: Fuentes with Calle)

The predictions of ‘The Simpsons’ that have come true, from September 11 to the presidency of Donald Trump

The 9/11 attack: One of the most remembered episodes is number 71 of season 4 which premiered in 1993, in this chapter you can see how the Twin Towers were destroyed after the passage of the Monorail through New York.

Likewise, in another chapter, called New York vs HomerLisa shows Bart a magazine cover in which the price is 9 dollars and they appear next to a silhouette of a building, Many have said that it alludes to “9-11″, the date on which the attacks on the Twin Towers took place.

The digital age and new technologies: Other things you specified The Simpson were some of the new technologies, such as video calls, virtual reality glasses, the use of drones, advances in artificial intelligence and endless other things.

the coronavirus: In episode 21 of the fourth season broadcast in 1993 various inhabitants of Springfield they get the disease from packages arriving from the city of Osaka, which many attributed to what happened with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donald Trump Presidency: One of the great successes that were presented within the series occurred in season 11 in the episode Bart to the Future, which aired in 2000 when Donald Trump is elected US President.


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