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the new characters of one of the most watched Netflix series

the new characters of one of the most watched Netflix series

After more than a year of waiting, Netflix this week premiered the second season of Emily in Paris, the popular series starring Lily Collins that was one of the most viewed of 2020. Without many pretensions other than those of a light, superficial and fashionist, the ten new episodes reveal new characters.

The brand new delivery shows a “more French-style” Emily Cooper, consolidating his relationship with French culture, with the language, with new customs, and managing better and more freely in the “city of light.”

At the end of part one, Chicago marketing executive got caught in an involuntary love triangle with her neighbor and her first French friend. In this sequel, she is determined to focus on her work, which does not stop presenting new setbacks.

Emily'S Second Season Premiered In Paris, With Several New Faces.

Emily’s second season premiered in Paris, with several new faces.

As the star and central figure, Emily will bond with the new faces in history, especially Alfie, a new student of the French classes that infuriates her, but, at the same time, intrigues her.

Alfie (Lucien Laviscount)

Alfie is the typical Brit who calls everyone mate (“partner”) and is beer and soccer lover. Emily meets him in her French classes. At first they do not get along very well and he even manages to get her out of their boxes. He is not interested in the lessons, but at the bank where he works they force him to learn the language. Little by little, they start spending time together.

Unlike the protagonist, Alfie is not very happy in Paris and it feels lonely.

Lucien Laviscount Is Alfie, A Briton That Emily Meets In Her French Classes.

Lucien Laviscount is Alfie, a Briton that Emily meets in her French classes.

“Alfie’s role is to show how it feels to be alone in a city. When you feel like this, you can get a little bitter. That’s why he’s usually on guard, and he’s defensive and sarcastic, “Laviscount told Time about his character.

Long haul on British TV Lucien is best known to the world for his role as Billy ‘Fuckin’ Ayers in Snatch, the series inspired by the Guy Ritchie movie; or as Earl Gray in the series Scream queens, from Ryan murphy, where he shared the set with Emma Roberts and Diego Boneta, among others.

Gregory (Jeremy O. Harris)

The renowned American playwright joined the second season of Emily in Paris as Gregory Elliott Dupree, an iconic and eccentric fashion designer who is hired to aggiornate Savoir, the marketing company where Emily works and directed by Silvye Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu).

Gregory will have to deal with Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet), the historical couture designer from Savoir, who knew how to be his mentor.

Jeremy O. Harris Is The Eccentric Fashion Designer Gregory.

Jeremy O. Harris is the eccentric fashion designer Gregory.

American actor and philanthropist, Harris is known for the works Daddy Y Slave Play, the latter with 12 Tony Award nominations. In 2018 she won the Paula Vogel Dramaturgy Award. What’s more, will be co-producer of the second season of the series Euphoria.

Laurent G (Arnaud Binard)

This 50-year-old French actor plays the seductive Laurent G, the owner of a prestigious bowling alley in the exclusive seaside town of Saint Tropez, where the series moves in this second part, leaving Paris for the first time.

Aurnaud Binard Is Laurent G., Owner Of A Bowling Alley In Saint Tropez.

Aurnaud Binard is Laurent G., owner of a bowling alley in Saint Tropez.

Emily meets him after convincing him to promote one of the brands he runs. But it is soon revealed that the night owl Laurent has a previous link to his boss, Sylvie.

Binard participated in the films Murder in Valenciennes, The last wave Y Heaven overhead, was also part of the series Agathe Koltès.

Erik (Søren Bregendal)

Søren Bregendal Is Erik, A Photographer Who Soon Bonds With Sylvie.

Søren Bregendal is Erik, a photographer who soon bonds with Sylvie.

Erik first appears as a photographer for one of the Savoir events. He immediately catches the attention of stiff Sylvie. From the outset, the hired man and the boss get along well and start a very funny flirtation, which It ends up being one of the comedy steps and one of the most prominent and celebrated romances by the fandom in the brand new season.

Søren played Simon Henriksen, the protagonist of the series 2900 Happiness. He was also part of Eurovision representing Denmark in 2016 as part of the band Lighthouse X; the group was eliminated during the qualifying rounds.

Petra (Daria Panchenko)

Daria Panchenko Is Petra, A New French Classmate.

Daria Panchenko is Petra, a new French classmate.

Petra is another newcomer to Emily’s French class, and who she ends up sitting next to during her first lesson. Contrary to what happens with Alfie, the bond will start well. However, he realizes that Petra is not as innocent as she seems, after really understanding things that had been lost in the translation of some dialogue.

This actress and dancer comes from being part of the cast of Exist, Argentine futuristic film by Gabriel Grieco in which they star Vanesa González and Sofía Gala. She is also known as a director – she wrote and directed the film Mille feuilles and the shorts Balance Y Les Pépés Bricoloss, before his role in Emily in Paris.

Benoit (Kevin Dias)

Benoit is Mindy Chen’s (Ashley Park) new bandmate who manages to distract her from her unsatisfying job as “Madame Pipi” at a French cabaret club.

Kevin Dias Plays Benoit, A Musician Who Is In A Band With Mindy.

Kevin Dias plays Benoit, a musician who is in a band with Mindy.

Although Julien – Emily’s co-worker – takes an immediate interest in Benoit, this talented musician confesses to Mindy that he is very interested in someone else, unexpected news for Emily’s friend.

Kevin has a short film record, although some will remember him for a small appearance in Amelie (2001), in addition to his recurring role on the French comedy series Sam.

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