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The New Batgirl Might Come From Latin America

The New Batgirl Might Come From Latin America

a film centered on the character of bat girl, in rugged development Warner Bros. Over the years, it finally began to take shape following the election of its directors, the Moroccan Bilal Falahi u Adil Al Arabi.

The duo, which has been successfully released in 2020 bad boys forever With Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is chosen by Warner u DC Entertainment To bring a new version of Gotham City commissioner’s daughter Barbara Gordon to the screen, Cooperate with Batman in the fight against crime.

As reported by Specialized Site Hollywood Reporter, film its not a hero yet, but a script prepared by Christina Hodson Director working.

Leslie Grace Is An Actress As Well As A Singer And Songwriter.  Photo Ig Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace is an actress as well as a singer and songwriter. Photo IG Leslie Grace

Latin Connection

However, actresses Dominican-born Leslie Grace and Peruvian-born Isabella Merced, are among the options the studio is considering bringing to life superhero Batgirl in a new film.

According to an exclusive published by the magazine this Monday time limit, both the actresses are participating in the selection process for the role, before which they also voice Zoey Dutch (Vampire Academy) and Haley Lou Richardson (my life at seventeen)

Leslie Grace is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter. In 2009, he released his first studio album. In 2013 he was nominated in the annual awards of Latin Grammy Awards, but in the end got the award Tropical Female Artist of the Year

In 2019 it was announced that she would play Nina Rosario In the film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical Lin-Manuel Miranda, in the heights.

Isabella Merced Was Cast As Isabella In &Quot;Transformers: The Last Knight&Quot;.  Photo Ig Isabella Mercedes

Isabella Merced was cast as Isabella in “Transformers: The Last Knight”. Photo IG Isabella Mercedes

During this, Isabella Mercedes (Class 2001) was selected to play isabella On Transformers: The Last Knight For Michael Bay, among other productions.

At the age of ten, Isabella had her Broadway debut in music settings avoid in which he sang in Spanish Ricky Martin And showed off his Latino heritage.

a project with antecedents

Batichika is in the hands of the project joss whedon, screenwriter and director responsible for the debut films avengers, now infamous after his complaints aggressive behavior and autocratic in the recording of justice league. However, Whedon dropped his plans in March 2018 and so far it looked like the film would never take off.

Barbara Gordon is not alone bat girl Comics and its adaptations for the small and big screens, although it remains the most popular.

A Classic Gesture From Yvonne Craig, Who Brought The Most Famous Batgirl To Life.  Photo Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Ap .  Through This

A classic gesture from Yvonne Craig, who brought the most famous Batgirl to life. Photo Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Ap . Through this

Starring in the 1960s Batman TV Series Adam West, was embodied by the character yvon craig, while . in the movie Joel Schumacher batman and robin (1997), the actress who wore a superhero costume too young Alicia Silverstone.

new movie, Will try to capitalize on the popularity of other tapes Recent DC movies starring female comic book characters such as Wonder Woman 1984 And Birds of Prey and the Fantabulus Emancipation of a Harley Quinn”, developed for the purpose of premiering on stage. HBO Max.

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