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The Network Comes, a work about media and power, with Florencia Pea and adapted by Juan José Campanella

it was a secret, Until yesterday, when at a press conference at the Coliseo Theatre, it was announced that Will premiere on July 14 network – Theatrical version of the film written by Paddy Shafsky, released in 1976 – starring Florencia Pea, Coco Cilli, Edward WhitePablo Rago and Caesar BordonAlong with 20 other actors, in a multimedia staging that promises to be amazing.

with the address of Corina Fiorillowill go on stage The Lesson That Was Successful in London, Broadway And that has just been released in Mexico. This is the adaptation that Lee Hall made in 2017; Here it will be seen in a version by Juan Jose Campanella.

Rehearsals will start soon network will start taking shape a stage that would become a television set, A revolving stage would allow actors to go through 38 scenes, a giant screen would be part of the staging, with cameras that would record live.

Florencia Pea, one of the network's heroines, will also marry the kids at the theater.

Florencia Pea, one of the network’s heroines, will also marry the kids at the theater.

show time

“Network is a great text and besides A huge show with incredible technical valueCalled several media, Fiorillo described the conference. “It’s a very expensive job”, he added and pointed out that Talks of “media manipulation”, Florencia Pea said, “It has the structure of the music without the songs.”

Set designer George Ferrari said, “It’s hard to do a job that involves a long trip abroad, but we try to give a facelift, reinforcing the idea that it’s a multimedia work.

“We used theatrical and digital resources to achieve the crazy world presented by the network,” he explained.

Live Television, In Theater

Coco Silly and Eduardo Blanco will pour all their experience into the network.

Coco Silly and Eduardo Blanco will pour all their experience into the network.

“The camera is a really serious director, which people are seeing in 360, and on the other hand it takes place in the 70s, makes everything very special,” said Pea. bugleafter the conference.

“I like challenges, I like to be a part of risks and it’s a big risk for me, But I am not afraid of anything. I’m at a point in my life and my career where I’m exactly where I want to be and I want to be here.”

Her character, Diana, “is a dishonest womanWith a very broad view of the television industry and that makes him very powerful as a character,” she told this newspaper.

“It’s very interesting to me, because i never do bad”, continued. “The work is very much in progress. call the media in question“, he defined. He believes that validity lies in the proposition that “to know whether what they tell us is true or false, who says it, how they say it and if we are to believe it.” or not what they tell us then it is .

What is reality? It opens up an interesting debate.”

César Bourdon, Coco Cilli, Florencia Pea, Eduardo Blanco and Pablo Rago in a network presentation.

César Bourdon, Coco Cilli, Florencia Pea, Eduardo Blanco and Pablo Rago in a network presentation.

how is the network

The work Howard Beale shows, A television news presenter who is being fired after 25 years, In his desperation, he makes an announcement that increases the channel’s audience and gives the executives another chance with a new program.

However, Bell Also take advantage of this space to critique your own multimedia, Coco Silly is the one who will play that character, “a journalist who hosts the most important newscast on the network,” he said.

“It’s about returning to work with an artist and on top of that in a work that isn’t traditional”, excited in conversation with Silly bugle, The actor has come a long way on stage doing one-man shows.

“Never has such an important multimedia show been produced in Argentina, with a very strong theatrical structure, which speaks volumes of media and communication. It has a visual impact, but also affects what happens, plot. We see the same things happening almost 50 years after the film.”

Coco will be the silly news anchor they want to fire on the network.

Coco will be the silly news anchor they want to fire on the network.

,I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show like this, And I’ve never worked with a performance like this in my life,” said Pablo Rago buglewho wears a mustache, because he is filming the character Guillermo Francella in the movie, conspiratorsit need.

in networkIt’s Arthur Jensen, the network’s director, “the one who decides to give the news anchor a thumbs up when ratings are low,” he summed up. ,work talks about that we are a number, For those of us who do television or theater, here’s the last number we did: That’s a terrible phrase. How am I ’16 digits’ if that is the last number I did? Or how am I ‘300 tickets’?” Pablo reflected.

“His name is Max and he is the news director of an American channel,” described Eduardo Blanco. “He is a character who also has a personal dramatic baggage, because of the life process he is going through,” speculated the actor.

At the conference, César Bourdon was the last to speak, following what was expressed by his colleagues and summarizing everyone’s sentiments: “It is a great honor to be here, it is a challenge,” he said. Many Languages ​​in the Service of a Story and a Promise: “The audience is going to see A theatrical show never seen in ArgentinaFiorillo assured.

In Florencia Pea, Network Presentation.

In Florencia Pea, Network Presentation.

From news to marriage with kids

“I didn’t want to do theater this year, as I was with many things. But I wanted to be part of the experience,” confessed Florencia Pea in conversation bugle, announcement of network This coincided with the premiere of Married with Kids in theaters for the summer of 2023. Both the news came out on the same day.

“It was a coincidence,” said Florence. “I’m going to do a few months networkand then i’m going to go and do married with ChildrenWhich is something I already knew I was going to do over the summer,” he continued.


network poster.  The film won four Oscars in 1977.

network poster. The film won four Oscars in 1977.

networkmovie, starred Faye Dunaway and Robert Duvalliand won four Oscars (Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress for Beatrice Strait, and Best Original Screenplay for Paddy Chayefsky) in 1977.

This theatrical version is a Divan Entertainment Group production and tickets are already on sale: performances will take place from Wednesday to Sunday at the Coliseo Theater (Mt d’Alvier 1125).


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