Home Entertainment The Muppet’s Gonzo declares himself trans; ‘Princess Gonzorella’ (VIDEO)

The Muppet’s Gonzo declares himself trans; ‘Princess Gonzorella’ (VIDEO)

  The Muppets' Gonzo declares himself trans;  'Princess Gonzorella' (VIDEO)

The children’s program ran an episode to promote acceptance, love, equality, and respect from childhood.

USA— Muppet Babies join the list of popular shows that show support for the LGBTQ community. This is by creating an episode in which Gonzo declares himself trans and becomes ‘Princess Gonzorella’.

The producers of the children’s program confirmed the broadcast of this chapter that aims to inspire children to be themselves and accept themselves as they are. With this “change” in one of its emblematic characters, powerful content is also being released that they hope will help create acceptance in families.

What will ‘Princesa Gonzorella’ be like?

According to some media, it was indicated that the chapter in which Gonzo transforms into ‘Princess Gonzorella’, Miss Peggy and her friend Summer of hers plan to perform a royal dance. Upon learning of the event Gonzo openly shows the intention of wearing a dress, but Peggy tries to end the illusions of the blue character by pointing out that it is not the right “wardrobe” for her.

“According to the royal manual, girls come as princesses and boys as knights,” Peggy explains to Gonzo.

After the impediment that they seek to exert on Gozo, a fairy appears and gives her a dress so that she can attend the dance. It is there where she introduces herself as ‘Princess Gonzorella’.

Gonzo’s revelation to his friends

At the end of the dance, her friends ask her where she was all that time, so Gonzo decides to confess the truth: that she was the ‘Princess Gonzorella’.

Faced with this confession, the other characters apologize for trying to impose what to wear. Similarly, it shows how they end up accepting their trans identity.

“Oh Gonzo, we’re sorry. You are our friend and we love you in every way,” mention the Muppet Babies characters.

A character thought of as trans

Tom Warburton, the executive producer of Muppet Babies, revealed that they always thought about showing Gonzo in a skirt, but this would not send a strong message since the character’s personality allows it to be shown like that without problems, but they did not want to create confusion but to be direct.

“From the beginning, we wanted to do an episode where Gonzo would show up in the arcade in a skirt. So the editor and co-producer wanted to go one step further and make a Cinderella story based on the idea and it was so wonderfully Gonzo,” Warburton explained.