the movie and TV characters that made him popular

“San Pepperone, help Foderone”, “Assassino criminale malandrino”. In the ’80s, Gino Renni met one of the requirements for take out a popular artist badge: he registered two of his own hoses, which crossed the screen and settled on the street. And today, the day of his death, due to complications derived from Covid, they resonate strongly with the public.

They were thrown by one of his most remembered characters, Foderone de la Salsiccia, one of the pillars of the crazy writing of News table, that iconic comedy created by Juan Carlos Mesa that aired between 1983 and 1987 on Channel 7 and Channel 13.

Totally Tano

With Part Of The Mesa De Noticias Team.

With part of the Mesa de Noticias team.

Foderone derived from Giacomo “El Tigro” Polenta, the Italian gaucho that Renni led in the early 1970s to The nut. That character spoke in cocoliche and exploited the resource of the clash of cultures and the equivocation of the double meaning in the language to cause grace.

So the actor’s career was marked by his Italian origin: his real name was Luigi Melieni Mollo and he had been born in Calabria, although his family had emigrated to Buenos Aires when he was just three years old.

Leaning on the solid foundation that his cradle gave him, many times he had to play roles that represented a Buenos Aires archetype, crossing between Polenta and Foderone: tanos entrances, as nice as chantas, mischievous but devoid of evil.

Brigade Z

Berugo Carámbula, Moria Casán, Emilio Disi, Alberto Fernández De Rosa And Gino Renni In &Quot;Brigada Explosiva&Quot;.

Berugo Carámbula, Moria Casán, Emilio Disi, Alberto Fernández de Rosa and Gino Renni in “Brigada Explosiva”.

Foderone’s television popularity led the character to film: participated in the Brigade Z franchise with that last name, but a new first name, Gino.

He appeared alongside Emilio Disi, Berugo Carámbula, Guillermo Francella and Alberto Fernandez de Rosa in Blast Squad, Blast Squad against the ninjas (both from 1986), The monster kills in the mansion of terror (1987), The craziest pilots in the world (1988) and Explosive Brigade: Pirate Mission (2008).

Mix of Brigade A Y Police Locademia, the plot of these films was always similar: at first, the members of the Brigade were seen in completely carefree situations when they were called to do their duty, until they were called to attend the missions urgently, in which they did everything wrong.

The success of the cinema moved to television, but during the first two seasons of Queue brigade (It was seen between 1992 and 1994 on Telefe) Renni was the Tano Fifone of the Picarella, a puny soldier who was part of Francachela’s platoon (Guillermo Francella).

Some Years Later Gino Renni, Alberto Fernández De Rosa And Emilio Disi, Smile With The Poster Of The 3D Re-Release Of Los Bañeros.  Photo: Martín Bonetto

Some years later Gino Renni, Alberto Fernández de Rosa and Emilio Disi, smile with the poster of the 3D re-release of Los Bañeros. Photo: Martín Bonetto

Articulated doll

There it appeared in the products derived from that childhood success: records, figurine album and even had his own articulated doll, which the nostalgic can still get in some specialized sites.

Gino also appeared in the franchise Bathtubs, derived from Brigada Z, also produced by Argentina Sono Film. Here I was part of the lifeguard team that also included Fernández de Rosa, Disi and Carámbula.

He participated in four of the five films: The craziest bathers in the world (1987), Bañeros II, the crazy beach (1989), Bañeros 3: almighty (2006), and a guest appearance in Bathtubs 5: slow and heavy (2018).