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The most representative photos of the reign of Elizabeth II

  • Elizabeth II had the second longest reign in history
  • Lived very important events
  • “The Eternal Monarch”, they call her in her nation

The British royal family announced this afternoon that their nation’s longest-serving monarch had died at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth 11 of the United Kingdom had been accompanied by her children and her grandchildren, before the news, the White House broadcast her condolences live.

In her more than 70 years, Elizabeth II experienced very important events in history, from the beginning of the Second World War, meetings with 14 presidents of the United States, the weddings of her children and grandchildren, and more historical events that made her “the eternal monarch”.

His first appearance!

His first appearance!

In 1926, the then ‘Princess Elizabeth’ made her first public appearance. Her mother and her Pembroke Welsh corgis, Dookie and Jane, joined her for a walk around London. She at that time she did not count that she would be queen, because her uncle was the one who would have the throne.

Edward VIII of the United Kingdom would have risen to the crown, but abdicated when the strict rules of British protocol did not allow him to be with Wallis Simpson. The throne became George VI, Elizabeth’s father, and thus she became the crown princess of the United Kingdom.

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