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‘The Morning Show’ Sneak Peek: Jennifer Aniston reels from COVID in the season two finale

'The Morning Show' Sneak Peek: Jennifer Aniston reels from COVID in the season two finale

The morning show The finale of the second season with the aptly titled “Fever” is here. And ahead of its Apple TV + debut, ET offers an exclusive taste of an emotional scene between Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Chip Black (Mark Duplass) while the UBA anchor suffers from COVID-19. The positive diagnosis was revealed in the final moments of the penultimate episode, when Alex secretly traveled to Italy to visit Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) before he died exposed to the press.

Now a visibly ill Alex is isolated at home when the two reconnect by phone after their first fallout, which occurred on their return to the United States.

“Alex, I heard,” he says.

“I’m dying,” replies Alex.

“You’re not going to die,” Chip soothes her.

“You don’t know,” says Alex before getting emotional. “I do not want to be alone.”

“OK, let’s just keep talking,” suggests Chip.

“I should sleep, but I can’t,” says Alex. “And I can’t talk because it’s too hard to talk.”

“Then we don’t have to,” says Chip, before instructing her to set up her iPhone for FaceTime. “Put your phone on your pillow next to you and we can just leave it open.”

“For real?” asks Alex.

“Really,” says Chip before calling her.

“Oh, I see. Oh god, “says Alex as she answers Chip’s FaceTime. “Hi.”

“Hi!” Chip says.

Ahead of the season two premiere, Aniston spoke to ET about reworking the show to include the coronavirus pandemic after they were forced to take an unexpected hiatus just weeks after production. The lockdown that followed allowed the creative team to reevaluate the direction of the new episodes.

“We realized we had to go back to the drawing board and figure out how we were going to put this into the show. And also find out how to delicately weave it through because we didn’t know where we were going to be when the show aired, ”Aniston said.

While the growing pandemic was largely in the background of the series, especially after co-host Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry) briefly covered the virus from China before it had to be evacuated and Mitch was quarantined in Italy, the finale is about attacking things head-on. And Aniston’s character of all people is the one who experiences the terrible effects on the screen.

“A lot has happened in the last three episodes,” Reese Witherspoon teased at the time, referring to events since Mitch’s death, with Aniston quipping, “Yeah, there’s a lot.”

New episodes of The morning show Season 2 debut every Friday. Would you like to see more? Both seasons are now being streamed Apple TV +. (We can receive an affiliate commission if you subscribe to a service through our links.)

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