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The millionaire BTS pocketed for their concerts in Los Angeles

BTS Permision to Dance on Stage Los Ángeles

Bts not only achieved invite thousands of people to their first personal concert, two years after the start of the pandemic, but also established more than a record with his four-night concert at SoFi stadium At Californiato. This earned him a millionaires collection.

To poster, What a date Soompi in Spanishwho have favourited the four BTS Los Angeles concerts that began on November 27th and closed the Thursday December 2nd, has an impressive total of $ 33.3 million (a little more than 708.2 million Mexican pesos) with a total of 214,000 tickets sold.

The Millionaire Bts Pocketed For Their Concerts In Los Angeles - Light Home News
Image of the concert “Permission to Dance on Stage” offered by BTS in Los Angeles. Internet photo

With these figures the spectacle of BTS “Permission to Dance on Stage” became the highest earnings for the SoFi stadium since the beginning of the reopening of the concert halls Early 2021. It is also the most successful show series in one place in almost a decade (since the performance of nine concerts by Roger Waters in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Also the BTS concert in Los Angeles reached the sixth highest gross in Billboard boxscore history, but Billboard advised that all BTS commitments in the United States (presentations on television programs, in addition to award ceremonies and their previous participation in the UN General Assembly) they were at least twice as long as his four-night SoFi out of the stadium, with at least eight shows per attendance.

How much did BTS earn from the Los Angeles concert?

What’s more BTS made history by being the first artist to put on a show in a language other than English and so sack more than one $ 20 million.

Jin is celebrating his 30th birthday

The analysis of Billboard comes right in the middle of that Celebration that takes place in South Korea and social networks in much of the world of Jin, Member of the band that this December 4th turns 30 (corresponding to the South Korean age, to which an additional year is added).

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