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The Mexican Alejandra Guzmán follows in the footsteps of Elvis and will do a concert residency in Las Vegas

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Elvis style but in skirts, the singer Alejandra Guzman will offer three concerts in November at the Venetian Resort of Las Vegas, in Nevada, which will be the premiere in the United States of his new tour Yours Tour.

“It is a very intense show, totally new, a totally different and new production. I have put all my eggs in this basket, “the Mexican assured this Thursday during a press conference to talk about her first show residence in the City of Sin.

“I don’t know if another Mexican artist has ever had a residency in Las Vegas,” he added.

Alejandra Guzmán, a music star from Mexico.

Alejandra Guzmán, a music star from Mexico.

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The iconic singer, with more than 25 million records sold over three decades, will act the November 16, 18 and 19 in the theater of the Venetian, where it will show a “first-rate staging” that will feature innovative techniques such as “3D videos” and “mapping”

In addition, the dates of their concerts will coincide with the celebration of the Latin Grammy in that same city, so he hopes that the Latino public will take the opportunity to see his show.

They can come to play, to be very happy. In Las Vegas you see first world shows, what makes me very proud is to be able to bring something different and new, with live music. Because thank God I still sing live, and I value that very much, “he assured.

Las Vegas performances will follow the tour very bitchyin which he embarked together with his compatriot Pauline Rubio during April and May of this year, to visit more than 20 cities in the United States.

His terrible cosmetic surgeries

Alejandra experienced an ordeal during the tour in which she was with Rubio. While fans raved about the concerts and the singer’s fierce energy, what no one knew was that behind the scenes, Enrique Guzmán’s daughter, “The father of rock in Spanish”was fighting for his life, as a result of the reaction caused by one of his cosmetic surgeries.

"Quique" Guzmán and his daughter, Alejandra, who carried on her father

“Quique” Guzmán and his daughter, Alejandra, who carried on her father’s musical legacy.

The series of physical ailments on that tour not only prevented her from singing, dancing and moving like the beast she is live, but in the middle of the tour she had to undergo surgery.

Guzmán confessed that throughout his life / career he underwent a total of 40 surgeries to seek to correct the almost permanent damage caused by the injections in the buttocks that he received in 2012.

This 2022, Alejandra Guzmán plans to publish her new studio album, still without a release date and of which the singles Dark Side have been advanced for the moment, first and Last time Y I want more from you.

“You can’t imagine all the effort behind it, because, yes, they have cut several parts of me. Sometimes it hurts, but I’m going to dance again and that is love of art. It shows when you have technique, boards, fang… and the desire to have a good time. I have fun and I want them to come and have fun with me, “she settled.

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