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Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Mexican actress Carolina Miranda is in mourning: “I had the joy of having 2 mothers and today one left”

  • Carolina Miranda in mourning after a hard loss.
  • The Mexican actress shared the sad news.
  • He was unable to say goodbye to his loved one for work reasons.

Carolina Miranda in mourning. The tragedies for the world of entertainment do not stop and we have seen and read of so many events that have severely attacked the lives of celebrities, unfortunately many of the public figures have left this world and therefore have completely affected the beings that they surround them.

Mundo Now readers have been aware of what is happening in the world of entertainment and this case is no exception. Now it has been reported that one of the emblematic Mexican actresses is going through a painful process after she confirmed the death of a loved one.

Dear Mexican actress shares painful news

Carolina Miranda in mourning.

Currently, social networks are used to publicize what is happening in the lives of many people who focus on public opinion, so Carolina Miranda decided to use the same platforms to share the great pain that is happening recently.

A loss is always very difficult to overcome, even more so when you had a prolonged relationship with that person, which is why the beloved actress spoke through social networks to share with her loyal followers the sadness that invades her heart. Filed Under: Carolina Miranda in mourning.

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