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the media hero who fell into oblivion and died in poverty

the media hero who fell into oblivion and died in poverty

When Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz did Alone, people stayed up late watching television a guy talking to another in an intimate tone. Years later, the public was unveiled with Tinelli. What changed in society?

There were nights of 30 rating points. Two people – sometimes acquaintances, sometimes not – chatting over coffee and lighting a pucho. Thought in times when the audios of WhatsApp they can be heard at twice their actual speed.

The first thing that comes to mind is its sharp serenity close to silence. That happened at the time of prime time. The rhythm of light giving the word an exact appearance. That’s how it started Alone.

The Talkative Peruvian.  This Is How Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Became Known In The Media.  Photo Clarín Archive / Roberto Ruiz

The talkative Peruvian. This is how Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz became known in the media. Photo Clarín Archive / Roberto Ruiz

The voice of Black was a whisper in my ear: Recreating the silence. Lighting harmonies and deficiencies. The balance and its constant doubt …

It was labeled a “revolutionary program.” Started in 1984 on the screen of the first private signal of Democracy: Channel 9.

Over the years, Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz’s tone remains unique. An alchemist of words. A born seducer. Also a great comedian.

We listened to his breathing as happened with Alfredo Alcón doing a Shakespeare. A dialogue and the camera as a witness. The program used a fantastic resource: the fade in Y fade out, giving the indication that we had missed something that was still on the sidelines of the audience.

Time and space that HGM he knew how to achieve after having revolutionized the radio.

Histrionic.  Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Created An Inimitable Style.  Photo Clarín Archive / Roberto Ruiz

Histrionic. Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz created an inimitable style. Photo Clarín Archive / Roberto Ruiz

Alfonsín had given Channel 9 back to Romay. Alone It included a thermos of coffee and the Negro being able to ask: “With sugar or do you keep the bitterness?”

He did not like to anticipate who would be the guest. It expressly asked that no progress be made. Seen from this perspective, with such simplicity in all planes of the scene, it could well have been the most successful television program in history (austere).

Before he had consecrated himself as “The talkative Peruvian” for his unclassifiable loquacity in The show of the minute, radio delivery that, far from 60 seconds, went from Monday to Friday from 2 to 7 p.m.

Sometimes he got tired of himself and in one of those litanies he “invented” the voice of the listener. He was the first to involve people, getting her into the radio routine.

He had the untidiness of the talented.

Coffee Talk.  Hugo Guerrero Martinheitz, At The Florida Garden, For An Interview With Clarín In 2007. Photo Archive Clarín / Roberto Ruiz

Coffee talk. Hugo Guerrero Martinheitz, at the Florida Garden, for an interview with Clarín in 2007. Photo Archive Clarín / Roberto Ruiz

In 2007, at 83, we crossed him with his earring sitting at a table in the Florida Garden. He showed us a compact of Christina Aguilera that had been bought.

-Do you like their music?

-For now I like your photo.

The usual torrential lip service. The interview lasted about three hours. Three TDK integers and annotations in a notebook. The need to appear in the consideration of the media made it exaggeratedly baroque: “His concern directed towards me increases my microscopic egotism”, he told us.

The meeting was chaotic, messy. The interview was done twice. Not in two parts. Twice in a circular tour of the same questions to get something like what we journalists call answers. The character was huge for us.

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Was A Broadcaster And Journalist Highly Respected By His Colleagues.  Photo Clarín Archive Hugo Guerrero-Kusmuk-

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz was a broadcaster and journalist highly respected by his colleagues. Photo Clarín Archive HUGO GUERRERO-KUSMUK-

“The attraction of cities is the ingratitude of the people. We are not civilized, we are human.” To our hesitation, it was clear: “Do you know what it’s like to knock on all the doors and none of them open…?”

In a kind of master-class that he recorded, he is heard defining himself as a man of few ideas that, while working, he was only carried away by the fascination of words.

He also claims to have studied a little acting, a little theater and says that heto presumed naturalness he rehearsed in front of the mirror. “The scripts are obstacles that are breaking them.”

The camera opens Alone and appears Herminio Iglesias, a famous Peronist who had been and candidate for the governorship of Buenos Aires in 1983. On the usual table, two hard-boiled eggs.

The light turns on little by little and the guest shows his understandable surprise: “You have to have four eggs to talk to you.”

In Times Of Black And White.  Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Was A Reference Both On Radio And Tv.  Photo Clarín Archive

In times of black and white. Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz was a reference both on radio and TV. Photo Clarín Archive

There was a time when the radio host could not choose the music or read the advertising. Nor improvise. Black kicked that board before Antonio Carrizo and Héctor Larrea.

“Breaking that structure meant being integral, but it was something that was not understood and caused me displeasure and some satisfaction ”.

Warrior Marthineitz lived on the edge of his own eloquence. The passage of time enhances the photo:

Charly García meets him on the street, year 1982:

-Pass me on the radio, che, or are you scared?

El Negro, laughing out loud:

-I’m not scared, I’m ashamed!

Charly: Goaaaa… !!!

HGM: Give me a hug…

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Could Speak Firmly On Any Subject.  Photo Clarín Archive

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz could speak firmly on any subject. Photo Clarín Archive

For some reason that is not understood, everything turned into debts, losses of apartments and other properties. However, we are talking about a guy who made fortunes and who charged in dollars.

At the end, a friend and co-worker – no matter the name – found him at the presentation of a book. “He was very deteriorated and he told me: ‘Can you buy me a steak? I haven’t eaten for two days. ‘

At times it was sad, at times helpless. They made him a note in the magazine News and Guerrero said that he was sleeping on a bench in Plaza de Mayo.

Tinelli invited him to VideoMatch, the old program Telefé. The Negro was struck by the fact that this scheme, similar to his Alone – a table and not much else – was a long-lasting and successful format. “He was captivated by the simplicity,” explains a lifelong acquaintance of his. “I believed that the word was more than enough.”

He would hang out for coffee with Cacho Fontana in a bowling alley in Paraguay and Florida. Cacho grumbled: ‘I put in all the infrastructure that I can and this son of his mother shits my life and steals my audience.a with a phone … ‘”

He said it giving the dimension of what happened when one was in The show of the minute and the other in The Fontana show. Late ’60s, early’ 70s.

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Created A Unique Style On Radio And Television.

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz created a unique style on radio and television.

“Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz, the professional who changed the radio, made fortunes and died alone and in poverty”, It was titled at the time.

What happened? Who can understand such a mystery? No cases of great Argentine stars who have ended up in misery.

Guerrero Marthineitz was reported by radio stations in New York. He was approached by the magazine Selections from Reader’s Digest to explain his particular handling of silences.

A total teacher. Ask Hector Larrea. Or notice the respect with which I listened to him Juan Alberto Badía in a video that can be seen by Youtube. I stayed until the end and notice how they stand up for him.

What happened to him? Does the media let go of your hand when a society abandons you?

Why did a figure of that magnitude not leave an inheritance of those that suppose wrongs and fights between his descendants?

We consult a lot and the answers sound like a tango about forgetting.

An Image Of The Funeral Of Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz.

An image of the funeral of Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz.

A year before dying HGM went through the writing of this newspaper and marked the internal of the person who now writes.

-Do you have a second to attend to me? I’m down.

We had two coffees with milk.

“I keep giving talks at home,” he said, remembering the topic of our interview in the Florida Garden-. Would you be so kind as to post it again as a news short?

Poor Hugo. That he should only be there to ask favors from a perfect stranger.

“I go around the houses and talk about what you want”, he had told us to captivate our morbid attention.

“It occurred to me to go home and suddenly they paid me 500 pesos. 500 pesos! It had been a year since he had seen all that money together, “he told us in 2007.

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz, In His Unforgettable Television Series &Quot;Alone&Quot;.

Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz, in his unforgettable television series “Alone”.

– Is it what you charge?

-I have no price or theme. Whatever the host wants.

Already in the 90s, HGM he was less an animal than a radio hero. The web had begun to form around his name. With advanced democracy, the public arena was filled with straight provocateurs. The Black Warrior was beginning to be seen from afar, with the perspective that is needed for history to be written.

The media had new exponents that made a style of freshness and naturalness. El Negro was annoyed. Words more or less, said that the self-confidence of democracy served, superficially, to consolidate a model of informality.

A case: La Negra Elizabeth vernaci it was shaping up like queen mother of the radio behaving, in the Rock pop, almost like a chabón in a soccer locker room.

HGM: “We will have to be rude on a microphone …”

Radio Image.  At The End Of His Life, Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz Offered To Go And Talk About Any Subject At Private Homes, To Have Some Economic Income.

Radio image. At the end of his life, Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz offered to go and talk about any subject at private homes, to have some economic income.

-Why don’t you have a job?

-The last offer I had to do a program was on the condition that I look for advertisers. I’m tired of calling on the phone.

At 86 he made the news for the last time: “An eagle, Warrior”he wrote – three days after his death – Lalo Mir in the supplement Radar from Page 12.

In an interview, the host with eyes from polar distance Silvina Chediek, recalled its unexpected beginning thanks to Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz in Alone. “He took one person a night and sometimes consecrated people went and other times strangers went.”

“I was an English teacher and I was 22 years old. One day when I didn’t have a guest, he took me,” whom he had met by chance in a canal corridor.

A few days later he invited me again to tell me what had happened to me with the note on the street. There he saw me Victor Hugo Morales. It seems that Guerrero did not want to give him my number and said that he did not remember my exact name either. In 1984 it was not easy to find a person ”.

Saturday August 21, 2010, Guerrero Marthineitz died of cardiac arrest at the Hospital de Clínicas. They had found it “Malnourished” after being admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital.