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the loser of La Voz Argentina who today is the young revelation of folklore

The life of Maggie Cullenjust 21 yearshad a before and after after his participation, last year, in La Voz Argentina by Telefe.

Despite having lost and being a semi-finalist, It is the only one of that contest that achieved popularity and become a professional singer: she fills theaters and is recognized by the people.

Maggie Cullen.  Press photo.

Maggie Cullen. Press photo.

In addition to being a genuine folkloric interpreter of established artists such as Fito Páez, Dúo Salteño, Jorge Drexler or Los Carabajal, she has an extra plus: the mixture of warmth with sweetnessnot minor characteristics captured by an audience that loves it so much, that acclaims it so much and that grows day by day.

busy days

Maggie rushes to the appointment with Clarion. She carries a small bottle of water in her hand. She greets with a fraternal hug and immediately goes into the heart of Parque Lezama for the photo session.

He jumps through the air, proposes ideas, smiles, is hot, takes off his coat. The intense cold in the city has already loosened. The sun is the great protagonist this noon. The vocalist takes a sip of water between photo and photo, showing herself as she is in each movement or gesture.

Maggie Cullen.  Photo: Lucia Merle.

Maggie Cullen. Photo: Lucia Merle.

He says that his morning had a lot of rhythm. There was gym and also music rehearsal. Therefore, there was no respite. From Palermo, straight to San Telmo. It’s all pretty new to her, such as sitting down with journalism. However, she is detailed: he thinks before speaking, looks at the photos, gives his opinion, not one escapes him.

Despite being punctilious in that sense, it is clear that she is taking her first steps, although with a notable peculiarity: does not yet have a recorded discbut as he reveals “I’m in it, intensely, recording, choosing songs”.

Likewise, it is not alone in this growth process. “All this last time I devoted myself to everything. I even took care of putting together a work team, a production company of ours, called Del Bien Producciones, because I always try to surround myself with good people”, she affirms.

In less than a year he filled the Siranush room twice, one ND and two Margarita Xirgu. Now, on September 30, she will arrive at the Opera de La Plata, all challenges that she takes calmly and naturally.

“I always had a bond with music. She was used to it because she sang in peñas. La Morena was like my second home, I was always on stage there. Today I feel that the tables are my natural place, where I feel comfortable. I dream of singing one day on the main stage of Cosquín“, be honest.

From the rocks to the big stages

In fact, the before and after of Cullen had other key moments, along with the ball channel program. And she is convinced in that sense. “Both Soledad Pastorutti and Abel Pintos invited me to sing at their shows at the Movistar Arena. From then on, everything grew suddenly. It was a lot of generosity on their part, I will always be grateful to them. I had the approval of them and a large part of their audience. That was confirmation that I’m on the right track.”

Maggie Cullen.  Photo: Lucia Merle.

Maggie Cullen. Photo: Lucia Merle.

The television exposure and the shows with two popes of popular music in turn gave him a growth that translated quickly into his social networks.

“When I started in The Argentine Voice I had a thousand followers on Instagram and after all those events that I told you about, suddenly I had 180 thousand; something amazing happened. What’s more, at first the topic of social networks was difficult for me, but now I realize that it is also part of the job”, she analyzes.

But how did it come to be? The Argentine Voice? As he remembers, she was not in his plans, but a friend of his. “We were in Alta Gracia, Córdoba, on vacation with my family and friends, in the house that belonged to my grandparents, in the countryside. It turns out that Tomás Spagnol, a great friend, who is currently in Team Lali, was the one who convinced me. So I recorded myself in the field and sent the little video. That’s how I got in.”

The greatest fear to face was not the jury or the television cameras, but a peculiarity of herself:

I’m pretty clumsyMy fear was that a cue would break in the air, or that I would drop my guitar. Anyway, I think that being authentic, as I am, helped and helps. To the point that recently I forgot part of a song’s lyrics in the theater, I said it, and people applauded me anyway; they like me to show myself as I am”, she recounts with a constant smile on her face.

It is not, in the case of Maggie, someone improvised. She has previous musical studies. His was not just a hobby. “I was studying film music at the UCA. I knew I was coming this way, although I hadn’t considered being a professional singer. It is true that everything that had to do with music always generated interest in me, ”she notes.

On the other hand, he is also active as a teacher: “Twice a week I teach musical comedy at the Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia. I like to teach and I learn a lot from children, their innocence is a lesson for me”.

The family as a great support

Maggie Cullen.  Photo: Lucia Merle

Maggie Cullen. Photo: Lucia Merle

Without a doubt the role of their parents was crucial in this kind of fairy tale for a young singer with sudden and unexpected fame. And so she gratefully makes it known in her words:

“My parents are capos, they are 50 years old; Dad is a psychologist and mom is an educational psychologist. They always respect and accompany what I am deciding. They advise me and do not impose anything on me. As a girl they used to take me to the neighborhood rock, in Palermo”.

About his parents he takes care not to go unnoticed another detail on the fly. “They don’t usually come to all my appointments because they have their jobs and activities, but they always wait at home or watch me on television. When I return, they wait for me with something delicious, like some mates, some potato tortillas or empanadas. Then I tell you everything that happened, in great detail, ”she describes and bursts out laughing.

The striking thing is that being a young woman from Buenos Aires she has so much fanaticism for folkloreat a time when trap and reggaeton are in vogue among the youth.

“It is true about the young people, but it happens that what they heard at home influenced all of us, who are four sisters; I’m the oldest. To such an extent that with my sisters I share music as well. We have a folklore group called La Cullen. We all four sang together,” she shares enthusiastically.

And then he adds another fundamental aspect: “Most of my friends like folklore; many of them are from the interior of the country. I have friends from Trenque Lauquen, Gualeguaychú, Tres Arroyos, Corrientes. They come from the countryside, from rural areas, they like the traditional as much as I do. We share the same values ​​and lifestyles.”

the influences

Unlike other singers who went through the great television program hosted by Marley, for Maggie they are not exactly the consecrated members of the jury whom she fanatically admires.

“I respect them, I learn from them, I am grateful, but my great references are Jorge Cafrune, El Dúo Coplanacu, Natalia Lafourcade. Although the singer I admire the most is Yamila Cafrune, ”she says.

When he mentions Yamila, his eyes immediately light up with joy, because just a few weeks ago he was able to meet her. “I met her a little while ago and we did a live on Instagram for Folklore Day, on August 22. We talked on the phone, we agreed to get together to drink mate and tell me about her career and advise me with folklore, ”she highlights.

a religious experience

Suddenly the conversation returns to the framework of those closest to her, and it is no less what the young artist reveals about her personal life. “I am Catholic, I am a believer, I do volunteer work, I am part of a parish missionary group and I have traveled to different parts of the country to share with other people.”

It is in this area that it translates more precisely to have so many friends and acquaintances from other parts of the country. “A little while ago I took a vacation and went to volunteer in the Colonia Bajo Hondo Chico, in Chaco. I went with many friends, to accompany the people, to see what more specific needs they have and above all to put their hearts into it”, he emphasizes.

He says that he also went twice walking to Luján at the beginning of October, in the annual procession that usually takes place. On the other hand, it refers to a meeting that takes place for other human needs.

“There is a pilgrimage of sick people in Luján. It is organized for the purpose of a celebration, for people who are alone and need to receive affection. I’m there too, ”she emphasizes.

Maggie tries to make it clear that this part of her life runs parallel to music. “I am nourished a lot by sharing, it is also meeting the people of my country, I am nourished by others”.

At the same time, he highlights something crucial, in his opinion: “My colleagues are true friends who knew how to adapt to all my changes. They come to all my functions and take care of my privacy just as I do too. It is not negotiable to lose that universe, that of family and friends. If more fame came and I didn’t have them, I would lose mine. It is my base, without it I would not be able to maintain all the rest”, he assures.

Before taking the last sip of coffee with milk in the bar where the interview takes place, something important that Gerardo Rozín told her when she visited The Rock of Morfi.

“Little girl, you are going to do very well for this country, don’t loosen up; surround yourself with good people, we are going to thank you, ”she details, excited.

-Maggie, what is your great mission with music?

-First is to bring peace and love to people. In addition, let it be known that we young people who are united by folklore and love for our country exist. We are not from a museum, we move through festivals and clubs. I want more people to join; I am happy with that.


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