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‘The Lord of the Store’ reappears; accuses youtuber Prankedy of theft

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A few years ago the Mexican youtuber Eduardo Vega, better known as Prankedybegan to upload a series of videos in which he played pranks on a man who worked in a grocery store.

These videos quickly became popular, reaching more than 20 million views and that man, whose real name is Marcial Flores Ordóñez, was baptized as ‘The Lord of the Store’, who after learning of the existence of said jokesdecided to open a YouTube channel and take advantage of the recognition he was receiving.

After the creation of the YouTube channel ‘El Señor de la Tienda’, both youtubers they went their separate ways, with a few exceptions where they would collaborate again.

Werevertumorro: how much is the youtuber’s FORTUNE?

´The Lord of the store´ went to the podcast X-rays

Recently, Marcial Flores attended the podcast X-raysbelonging to youtuber Ryan Hoffman, Yosstop’s brother, where he narrated how he went from having a store to becoming a meme.

However, one of the most striking statements was that Prankedy He opened a bank account in order to receive donations and help the ‘Lord of the Store’, however, Marcial states that the money was never delivered to him.

After these statements, the youtuber Prankedy came out to defend himself through several stories on his Instagram account, in which he accuses the “Lord of the Store” of giving said testimony in order to attract attention, after the loss of his popularity. .

So far, ‘The Lord of the Store’ has not responded to what was said by PrankedyHowever, users on social networks have given their opinion, some siding with the joking youtuber and others arguing that both are wrong.

A few days ago Prankedy published an image on his Instagram as a joke, in which he would face ‘The Lord of the Store’ in The Evening of the Yearevent organized by youtuber Ibai.


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