Home Entertainment The long road of Las Cuñadas, from off to Corrientes Avenue

The long road of Las Cuñadas, from off to Corrientes Avenue

The long road of Las Cuñadas, from off to Corrientes Avenue

The work made its way through the off, over three years and is now preparing to reach Corrientes Avenue. The sisters-in-law, written by Florencia Naftulewicz and co-directed with Pilar Boyle, will debut on the Metropolitan Sura stage, Wednesday, January 19.

The sisters-in-law He had a successful time on the independent circuit which allowed him to make the jump to a room on Corrientes Avenue, and join the commercial circuit with four unique summer performances, in the emblematic room, on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.

For several seasons, the Met Sura enabled a space to give more visibility to different off works and it was the turn of The sisters-in-law.

The protagonists

The Sisters-In-Law, The Play Written By Florencia Naftulewicz And Co-Directed With Pilar Boyle, Re-Premieres At The Metropolitan Sura On January 19.

The sisters-in-law, the play written by Florencia Naftulewicz and co-directed with Pilar Boyle, re-premieres at the Metropolitan Sura on January 19.

The actresses Julia Galeano, Mercedes Moltedo and Florencia Naftulewicz herself star in this piece that dives into the depths of uan upper class family that tries to hide, by all means, certain family secrets that inexorably come to light.

How to remain the perfect country family when family secrets lurk? To what extent are two “good” ladies willing to go to protect the good name and the family business? are some of the questions posed by the work, in an acid comedy tone.

The play, written in verse and appealing to humor, reveals the deepest hypocrisies of a wealthy family whose miseries are embodied in the sisters-in-law Gynette and Gyselle. They will transform their weekly beauty ritual into a conspiratorial plan that will involve manicures and will go much further than they bargained for.

A little history

Naftulewicz’s work premiered in 2019, in Nun room, where he was for two seasons. “It is a place that feels like my home. We thought about everything in there and luckily the audience accompanied us in a beautiful way. I take the move to commercial theater as a prize,” says the author.

The Sisters-In-Law, From Off To Corrientes Avenue, On The Metropolitan Sura Stage.

The sisters-in-law, from off to Corrientes Avenue, on the Metropolitan Sura stage.

At such a difficult time for the theater, such as the current one traversed by the pandemic, the experience is even more significant. “There is nothing more mystical than Corrientes Avenue. Not to mention that it is with a project that I wrote myself and it is a great experience “, she assures.” I think the work deserves it for the way it has been doing. “

About the story that is told in The sisters-in-law, Naftulewicz tells: “I like to inquire about families, social classes, the links between people but always from the comedy side, on a grotesque level. I am fascinated by the dichotomy that happens when on impulse you get a laugh and ten seconds later the question arises: “ANDIt’s terrible what I’m laughing at. “

Regarding the project, which is entirely feminine, the author says: “Sharing this with the actresses Julia Galeano and Mercedes Moltedo, as well as with Pilar Boyle in the co-direction, I find it beautiful. We form a group in which we are all very comfortable and I think that shows in the result. “

And adds: “This project has that feminine strength. The director, the assistant, the networks, the press, everything is done by women. When women come together they have no way to stop us. “

The sisters-in-law it will have four only performances, on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. at the Teatro Metropolitan Sura, Av. Corrientes 1343. Places: $ 1800, for sale by Plateanet.


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