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The life story of Naza Di Serio, “the weather girl” in TN who made the jump and will replace Barassi

The life story of Naza Di Serio,

“I’m over the top,” warns Nazarena Di Serio, and an ambient sound in the background, which appears when answering the call with Clarion, explains his sleeplessness. It’s almost midnight on Monday and the relaxed weather girl in TN and El Trece he knows that he has at least two more hours left in front of the screen.

“I am very smart watching the repetitions of 100 Argentines say, on YouTube, because tomorrow I start recording and I want to have it well drawn. That deserves a lot of dedication and time”, he assumes, after the first rehearsal on the floor as a replacement for Darío Barassi on his vacation, the announcer who refreshes the Buenos Aires dawns in Time of time and, minutes later, in Up Argentines with Marcelo Bonelli.

“When I lived in Ituzaingó I had to get up at 3 in the morning to work, so I moved to the Capital. I don’t lack work and, neither do you win. I’m on 7 newscasts and sometimes all day in there, but I dont care. I’ve been on the channel for 5 years now and I’m always looking for different places to grow”, he says hours before going out to test himself with the new tank in the afternoons of El Trece.

Naza Had Planned To Go To Mendoza These Days, But His Participation Was Brought Forward.  And Unpacked The Suitcase.

Naza had planned to go to Mendoza these days, but his participation was brought forward. And unpacked the suitcase.

The chance of a fulfilled dream kills vacations

With 28 years and a natural freshness, his participation will be broadcast on the air next week (from Monday 17 to Friday 21), joining the figures already called as Dani La Chepi Y Manuela Viale (he had to replace it this week).

“It was my turn after Faith Bal, but he was a little early when we found out about his positive Covid. Just It happened now that I was about to go on vacation, but I didn’t care. Because it is a new opportunity”.

-Did you already have a ticket?

I canceled everything. I had a trip to Mendoza, but, well, they are a love there, so they bank me on this one and I will go in February. Even if it’s a weekend. I was leaving with one of my best friends who also banked me because I burned her head. I’m handle does quite a bit with different situations: I did the casting for the new program The Great Game of the Goose, and I insisted a lot on the channel to have an opportunity.

“Because in news I was a bit encapsulated and I always wanted to do entertainment. I didn’t stay at that casting, but for Darío’s, they called me, I ran to do it”, he unashamedly acknowledges about the chance to cover Barassi’s space in January.

-Which, moreover, is El Trece’s workhorse…

-It is an opportunity that I want to make the most of. The people who follow me harangued me and they are the same ones who made me believe that I could drive. Even the women, which was what cost me the most.

Before there was that thing about the weather girl who steals the job from the meteorologist, who is blonde and skinny. I think I was able to break a little with that. And, going back to this challenge, when you’re really good at what you do, like Darío, you make it look like your job is easy, but it’s not by chance,” he genuinely praises.

-Are you interested in the format? Do you consume it?

-Recontra. It’s more, in the chats with my friends they are all stickers with phrases from Barassi. I watch it all the time and it makes me laugh. I know that it is a tank for the canal, that it has a fandom tremendous, but I’m not going to cover it, but I’m going to take care of Dario’s house. They give me tremendous freedom to play, but I don’t want to go overboard. It’s something I’ve never done and it makes me terribly nervous and scared.

-Is it different from the adrenaline of the living?

-Yes, but it’s a nice adrenaline rush. Like when you’re about to pull a parachute. It’s full blood in the veins! In addition to being a different format, when it’s recorded, the technique is different, the breaks I have to take… And I’m super open to learning. When I didn’t make it to The Game of the Goose I got frustrated and had a bad time. Then it happened to me.

I'M Your Fan: Di Serio Admits To Being An Admirer Of Barassi And His Program.  And He Has Fun With His Stickers.

I’m your fan: Di Serio admits to being an admirer of Barassi and his program. And he has fun with his stickers.

And he appeals to memory: “I remember when I started in this and I was studying… I had no contact, and there I also ‘hit’ myself because different issues did not arise, until one occurred”.

Have many doors closed to you?

-Actually, I came from a lower middle class, from Ituzaingó Sur, and I didn’t have many resources. I put in a lot of effort to graduate and start looking for a job. My mom is a single mother and she worked everything, he rowed it hard and I work since I was 12, so the street is. But not because she asked me, but because if I wanted to buy a t-shirt I didn’t ask for it so as not to make her feel bad.

From cosmetics to incense: “I’ll sell you anything”

And he reviews: “I went from reseller of cosmetic products, street vendor of incense, from the “Happy Birthday” signs that are hung on the door. I’ll sell you anything! Everything that was wholesale was bought and sold. I used to go out with my mom to sell from my house to Padua or Merlo. She charged the Jefes y Jefas plan, which paid for everything with that, and I gave myself my little tastes.

The Faces Of Time: Naza And Her Friend Matías Bertolotti, A Meteorologist Who Has Given Her Some Tips.  Ig Photos @Matute_Emanuel

The faces of time: Naza and her friend Matías Bertolotti, a meteorologist who has given her some tips. IG photos @matute_emanuel

He remembers that “I also worked in a fast food place since I was 15, four hours a day, which gave me the space to study. I went through a cashier and lunchbox supermarket. That was horrible, it was like a self-service that had everything, where I lasted 6 months.

-But it helped you collaborate in your house.

-Yes. Besides my mom started with hyperthyroidism and, since she cleaned houses, he could no longer do it because he had no strength. At that time the salary was not bad, I earned about 32 pesos an hour. For a young girl like me, it was great.

Didn’t you know your dad?

-No, nor am I interested. Did you see that it happens a lot in families that, when one is abandoned by the mother or the father, a very gross trauma is generated? I began to understand that yes, a person left, but my mother stayed and, with all the bad things that happened around her, chose to stay, in Pampa and the road. But it took over me to get it off the ground. And I stay with that.

He knows how to sing, dance and now he will open the door to go play

With more mischief than solemnity, the announcer with 210 thousand followers, seasoned in Beach Studio, the radio of its referent, Juan Alberto Badía, is encouraged to declutter the classic information tables: sings, dances on TikTok and even applied for the air, with the endorsement of his colleague Sergio Lapegüe, for La Academia.

Nazarena Di Serio Has No Qualms About Singing And Dancing On Camera.  Many Are Known About El Club Del Clan.

Nazarena Di Serio has no qualms about singing and dancing on camera. Many are known about El Club del Clan.

“I get along well with the people of LaFlia (Marcelo Tinelli’s producer) and they always told me that whenever I want I have the door open to their program. But I wouldn’t, it’s a tremendous show. I don’t dare. You have to take a lot of criticism and I start to cry”, he admits.

-But with the dance you don’t look very modest…

-No, but one thing is to joke on air on the news. Besides, I’m dyslexic and I can’t coordinate a choreography for you. In the Barassi program, when They told me to move to the left, to the right, I was wrong. I’m very clumsy.

Reference from clarin