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The legendary Mariachi Cobre will come to Greensboro for this concert

A traditional mariachi with a classical symphony is the perfect mix for a concert celebrating the best of traditional Mexican music, performed by the legendary Mariachi Cobre, coming soon to Greensboro. The group, which has more than 50 years of experience, presents their best songs alone and in collaboration with the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra at the Steven Tanger Center. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Felipe Tristán from Monterrey to be conductor in New York Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets concert is coming to Greensboro Mariachi Cobre was formed in 1971 and has performed with more than 50 symphony orchestras in the United States and Mexico, but this will its the first time they do it with the one in Greensboro.

This mariachi has a long history of collaborating with artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Lucha Villa, Lola Beltrán, Ana Gabriel, Guadalupe Pineda, Pepe Aguilar, Pedrito Fernández, Julio Iglesias and Vikki Carr. The leader of this group, Esteban Carrillo, says that it was his brother Randy who founded this mariachi, with whom they have also been performing at Disney in Orlando Florida for 40 years. “This September 19th is our anniversary, 40 years, of being featured at Walt Disney World at the EPCOT Center in the Mexico Pavilion,” Esteban Carrillo told La Noticia. From Disney to Greensboro, the Mariachi Cobre Concert El Mariachi Cobre was formed in Tucson, Arizona and has been performing with Disney in one way or another since the 1960s.

Before forming this group, Esteban and Randy Carrillo were part of the first youth mariachi in the United States, Los Changuitos Feos de Tucson. With this group they performed every May 5th at Disneyland, California, so the story of the Carrillos has been tied to Disney since the late 1960s. After leaving Los Changuitos Feos, Randy and Esteban formed Mariachi Cobre, with whom they were introduced in Florida since the 1970s, where they started going to the Magic Kingdom only in the summer and where they currently have seven daily shows at EPCOT.

The group was formed in Tucson, Arizona, where it originated. Pictured appearing at Serpa Ranch / Credit: Courtesy Mariachi Cobre Raising the Level of Mariachis and Breaking Stereotypes In Esteban Carrillo’s perception, the mariachis have risen sharply from their inception until now, and that’s something they were part and that is within their goals. “We attend conferences and mariachi workshops. We founded the Tucson Conference in 1983 and it is already celebrating its 40th anniversary (Tucson International Mariachi Conference). We have attended conferences in Las Cruces, Alburquerque and San Jose,” Esteban Carrillo points out. One of the challenges they face is the stigma and stereotypes that many people in the United States still hold about mariachis. “A lot of people have a mariachi concept, and often it’s negative. We’ve gone with a symphony to Buffalo, New York or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where most are from the United States and have a prejudice, a stereotype, but if they do see that we write our music, we meet ours Arrangements, we’re professionals, we’re trying to raise the mariachi level, and they’re surprised. It’s very difficult to get there and see the attitude of certain people, “they’re a mariachi.” , they play in cantinas, they are drunk,” he emphasizes. Esteban Carrillo as one of the challenges. But Mariachi Cobre are working to change these perspectives and to do this they teach courses in instrument technique, vocal technique or how to read music so that the new generations continue to break stereotypes and raise the level of mariachis.

“There is something beautiful about seeing mariachis reading music, writing music and performing with a classical symphony, as all the music is already written but at the same time preserving the tradition, the roots that the mariachi comes from and traditional music plays, the most beautiful music in Mexico,” emphasizes Esteban Carrillo. This is exactly the combination that people will be able to enjoy at the first performance of Mariachi Cobre with the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra at the Steven Tanger Center on Saturday, September 24 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets you can purchase the performance here Prices range from $35 to $80 plus fees Courtesy Mariachi Cobre

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