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The legendary group La Zaranda returns

Once again, the Spanish group La Zaranda will be touring Argentina, where they will present their latest creation, The battle of the absentpremiered in 2021. Starting August 10will perform at the Teatro Regio (Av.Córdoba 6056), belonging to the Buenos Aires Theater Complex (CTBA), where they will be until August 28.

The interpreters of this new creation of the prestigious Andalusian company self-proclaimed as Unstable Theater of Nowhere They are Francisco Sánchez, Gaspar Campuzano and Enrique Bustos. The text is by Eusebio Calonge and the direction of Paco de La Zaranda, as in the productions of recent years.

In this new show we talk about life with the metaphor of a combatwhere the three classic actors of Zaranda, its hard core, are the remains of an army in disarray, in this war without quarter that has lasted more than forty years.

With language as a flag

As usual in the creations of this traditional company, language is its flag in a world that threatens the poetic sense of existence. Everything refers to the useless combat, which seems to be our cultural essence, already almost quixotic. The new creation of the Andalusians highlights, in a satirical tone, dignity and faith as an act of resistance, but with an epic sense.

La Zaranda presents The Battle of the Absent, throughout August at the Teatro Regio.

La Zaranda presents The Battle of the Absent, throughout August at the Teatro Regio.

His characters, as usually happens, represent the always defeated but never defeatedthe survivors in a war against oblivion who fight a war nobody cares.

The La Zaranda Company has been doing theater for more than forty years, with a particular identity that has earned it great international prestige. His career has as theatrical constants: the existential commitment and starting from its traditional roots to reveal a universal symbology.

In addition, as dramatic resources they stand out for the search for a transcendent poetics without losing everyday life, the symbolic use of objects, visual expressiveness, the embodiment of texts in theatrical situations and the embodiment of living characters. To this is added a absolute conviction for the process of creation in community.

All over the world

In these four decades, with their vision of life and theater so unique, they have toured festivals in more than thirty countries, in Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and also Argentina, where they usually present many of his creations.

The origin of La Zaranda dates back to 1978 and at that time the premise was “Make a path”: wanting to lead the play to that point of tension in which drama and life collidemoving away from all possible academicism as well as from supposedly avant-garde movements.

La Zaranda, in a performance of "Now everything is night", which they did at the El Picadero theater, in 2018.

La Zaranda, in a performance of “Now everything is night”, which they did at the El Picadero theater, in 2018.

As they themselves describe their way of doing theater, “to avoid yawning” is “to go beyond the acquired forms, not to stop searching, to renounce the achievements that can establish the routine, to strengthen a style in permanent transition”

And they add: “The action of creating is important. Not making artistic preserves that open in each performance. You have to maintain the tension, risk it in each situation, develop each scenic reality in its living evolution”.

Among the works created in these years are The scrapping of the muses, Now everything is night, The cry in the sky, The feed regime, Nobody wants to believe it, Future deceased, Those who laugh last, Tribute to the damned, Not even a shadow of what we were, The door narrow Y When eternal life is overamong other.

The functions of The battle of the absent at the Regio they will be from Wednesday to Sunday at 8 pm, at the Regio (Av. Córdoba 6056), with tickets at $1850.

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