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‘The king, Vicente Fernández’: who is who in the Netflix bioseries

A few months ago it came to the small screen The last king, the son of the peoplean unofficial series about Vicente Fernandez produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa; however, its release generated a legal dispute and a series of negative reviews. Now that the controversy seems to be in the past, Netflix premieres a new bioseries that chronicles the rise of The Charro from Huentitan to stardom

The king, Vicente Fernandez is a production created by dago garcia and has the approval of the family of the deceased artist. The bioseries recounts passages from the singer’s childhood and adolescence, as well as the difficulties he went through to make a place for himself in the industry and his coConsolidation as an icon of regional Mexican music.

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Vicente Fernández’s bioseries stars Jaime Camil, but given the extensive period covered, an actor was chosen to play the singer at each stage of his life. Next, we count the actors that make up the cast and the characters they bring to life.

Cast of ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’, from Netflix

Without a doubt, its premiere is one of the most anticipated for the followers of the interpreter of Acá entre nos and the best thing is that the series will arrive just in time to enjoy during the celebrations for Independence Day.

Who’s who in Vicente Fernández’s bioseries

Kaled Ahab

The 11-year-old Mexican actor plays the singer in his childhood, a stage in which he began to show his interest in music and cinema. It is worth mentioning that Vicente Fernández was born into a humble family originally from Guadalajara.

Sebastian Garcia

He is a dubbing actor known for lending his voice to Alex, the lion from Madagascar, as well as in the cartoon Charly and Lolas. He personifies Vicente Fernández in his teens.

Sebastian Dante

Give life to the singer in his youth. He is a 22-year-old Mexican actor. The study in the National School of Theater Art of the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), knows how to play the guitar and is skilled in the use of the whip as a circus act. She has participated in multiple plays and programs such as What we women keep silent Y The life is a song.

Jaime Camil

The actor who rose to fame for his roles in soap operas will play the singer in his adult stage.

Marcela Guirado

She plays Cuquita Abarca, wife of Vicente Fernández. The actress She is known for her roles in Soy tu fan, Así en el barrio como en el cielo and El César -bioseries about boxer Julio César Chávez-.

It is worth mentioning that the singer’s wife is personified by two other actresses: Ishkra Zaval and Regina Pavón, who give life to the famous in her childhood and youth, respectively.

Enoch Leano

It is Ramón Fernández, the singer’s father

The rest of the cast complete it:

Cassandra Iturralde, Florence Rivers Y Seidy Berchatactresses who play Refugio Fernández, Vicente’s sister, from her childhood to her adult life.

Ana Paula Capetillodaughter of Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gaytán, is Teresa Fernández.

Odysseus Bichir is Pastor Miguel

Rubén Zamora is a Spanish actor and has the role of Henry Landes, who was he Mentor of Vicente Fernandez.

When does The King premiere on Netflix?

If you are interested in seeing the series that will tell the life of Vicente Fernández, we tell you that it will have eight chapters and all will be released on the same day on the Netflix streaming platform.

The date on which we can enjoy the life of the interpreter of Por tu maldito amor will be the next September 14, one day before in Mexico we celebrate another anniversary of Independence. All episodes will be available starting at 2:00 am


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