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‘The Kardashians’: Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Flew Coach Will Be on Her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Taping

Now that the Kardashians are back and better than ever, there’s no holding back from family drama or awkward moments. In the second episode of the new Hulu reality series, kardashianKim Kardashian is still preparing for her saturday night live Debut, while remaining chummy with her ex, Kanye West.

Kourtney Kardashian is addressing the behavior of her ex, Scott Disick, while trying IVF with her current love, Travis Barker. And little does she know that there is a very romantic proposal on the horizon.

Here are the biggest moments of Thursday’s episode.

Kanye was almost more involved in Kim K SNL First entry

Kim revealed that comedian Sarah Silverman suggested that her rapper ex appear in front of an audience in an apparent disguise and as she answered questions from the audience, she asked, “So, do you believe in a second chance at marriage? Huh?” To which Kim had to reply, “No!”

Kim later said that Kanye “literally took a coach, commercial flight, sitting in the seat next to the bathroom” to come to New York for the taping.

Kanye had a plan for Kim’s fashion and style

Despite no longer being together romantically, Kim tells her sisters that Kanye still wanted to be very involved in her style journey.

“He says he wants to drop everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist,” Kim says of her ex.

“Well, I guess he should still probably do a little music, a little Adidas designing, and then he can do that side,” Khloe quipped.

Kourtney confronts Scott Disick about DMing her ex Younes Bendjima

Although Kourtney did not speak publicly about Scott’s alleged direct messages to her other ex, Younes Bendjima, in the summer of 2021, she does share on the show that she confronted the father of her three children about the exchange. . In the DM, Scott defies Kourtney’s PDA with Travis while she was vacationing in Italy.

Kourtney says Scott messaged her and apologized after the incident.

“I was like, ‘That’s not really a vibe. Don’t go DM my ex-boyfriend,'” she says.

Courtney says Scott asked Travis to apologize at the time, “I texted him, ‘This is despicable.'”

Kourtney and Travis want to move in together

Despite living a block away from each other, the couple considers a move to reunite their families together.

“We love our homes so much and it would be really hard to find something to beat where we live,” admits Kourtney as they tour the Bel-Air estate.

Kourtney and Travis have no shame in their PDA game

While Kourtney’s family scoffs at the couple’s PDA, they don’t seem upset in the slightest.

“Kiss and hugs are never a bad thing,” says Kourtney. “I’m really grateful that my kids can see a loving, affectionate relationship because they haven’t seen it in their entire lives.”

“I think people have trouble understanding how two people can be so loving and affectionate because they’re f**king sad,” Travis says.

Kourtney and Travis want a baby, but IVF is a challenge

kourtney kardashian
‘The Kardashians’

Although Kourtney and Travis prepare to expand their blended family, the process hasn’t been as smooth as Kourtney had hoped.

“Travis and I wanted to have a baby and so my doctor took us down this path of IVF. It hasn’t been the most amazing experience,” Kourtney explains.

“The drug they’re giving me put me into menopause, literally into menopause,” she tells her mom, Kris Jenner, later adding that the drug “put me into depression.”

“I think because I’m so clean and careful with what I put in my body, it’s having the complete opposite reaction and acting as a contraceptive instead of helping us,” Kourtney later explains. .

Chris had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Kendall

Talking about the IVF struggles with Kourtney, Kris revealed that she too suffered from pregnancy struggles back in the day.

“I got pregnant in 1994 and my body completely shut down,” she shares. “It stopped making anything. I was moody and sad. I was bloated, not feeling well.”

Kris welcomed Kendall Jenner in 1995 and Kylie Jenner in 1997.

Travis proposed to Kourtney on a special date

Travis calls Kris and Khloe to share his plans to propose to Kourtney.

“17th is the first day we ever hung out. Like I told your mom, I’ve been forever madly in love with Kourtney and I believe she is my soul mate and I propose to her on that date. I want her when I first had her,” Travis tells Khloe over the phone.

Kim cracked a joke about Khloe and Tristan SNL self speech

In one scene, Kim is playing some monologue material by comedian and friend Amy Schumer before her hosting debut. One of the jokes is, “Oh, Khloe, you have the biggest heart. It’s so big there’s room for Tristan in it.” [Thompson] And the pieces next to him.”

, new episodes of kardashian The first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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