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“The inmates call me chief actor: Héctor Parra defends himself from jail

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Hector Parra, who’s within the reclusion after allegedly having abused his daughter, defends himself: “I am innocentand”

CDMX.- “The inmates tell me the chief actor “, He says Hector Parra from the Oriente Jail the place he has been detained for greater than two months because of the grievance that his youngest daughter Alexa parra, whom he had with the actress Ginny Hoffman, put towards him for the crime of sexual abuse.

His daughter Daniela trusts him

The actor communicated by cellphone together with his eldest daughter, Daniela, who this weekend organized a particular sale of tamales in an effort to elevate funds to pay for the felony technique of her father, whom she believes harmless.

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Through the name Héctor gave particulars in regards to the situations during which he’s contained in the jail, the place he assures they’ve handled him very nicely and his colleagues and authorities have proven him that they consider in his innocence.

“The judge at some point said: ‘He is not in prison, we are not going to sentence him, we are only going to investigate; the reality of things is that they have me in prison, I am in prison even though they give him very elegant names, I want to trust justice and I hope so, “stated Parra.

“Even the prisoners, the guards are with me, the same guards tell me ‘Mr. Hector you do not have to be in here ‘, it is evident the great lie and baseness that is being done here, “he added.

Aida Pierce and Carmen Salinas help Héctor Parra

Each his relations, followers and a few colleagues from the inventive atmosphere as Aida Pierce and Carmen Salinas have expressed their help for the actor of “Un poquito tuyo” after it was argued that his daughter accused him of being a sufferer of his mom’s manipulations, Ginny hoffman, who was with Parra for eight years.

“I tell Alexa what I have told her from the beginning, that please touch her heart, I know that she is a good girl, I know that she is manipulated, that she is suffering and I tell her that I really love her, I forgive her, because I know where this comes from, they are years of manipulation against me and they are using it, “he stated.

Particular message for Sergio mayer

As well as, Parra additionally took the chance to ship a message to the actor and deputy Sergio mayer, who supported Ginny and Alexa when the arrest happened.

“Before getting on a ship, first investigate the course of the ship, realize the environment of everything that is the context of things and not start talking without knowing what he is doing, because there are antecedents and the Mr. Mayer in this eagerness to help, as he once said ‘I have an obligation to help.’ No sir, no one has the obligation to do what he did to me, we can report when we know, when we know the background when we know the case, because because of him, precisely because of Mr. Sergio Mayer, I am in this, “he stated.

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Attempt to keep robust

Lastly, he declared that though within the first occasion he had a really unhealthy time, as a result of the impression of being imprisoned didn’t let him eat or sleep for 4 days, now he tries to remain robust and is dealing with his well being issues comparable to despair and nervousness with the help of the providers of the jail.

He additionally made it clear that for no motive would he settle for an financial or pardon settlement, as a result of its goal is to be acquitted of the costs.

“I am undergoing psychiatric-psychological treatment, they periodically take me to the psychologist to talk, I am medicated and they are very aware of things because even taking antidepressants they give me depressions, they give me sudden anxiety attacks,” he defined.

“There is no possibility of any settlement, the moment I accept any settlement I would accept that if I am guilty and I am not. There is no possible way to fix anything, to accept anything, to make financial arrangements, nothing because I am innocent at all. 100 percent and I’m going to prove it. “

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