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The image of Marilyn Monroe without underwear in Mexico that went around the world

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Through the years Marilyn Monroe has become an icon, a face and a personality that has become an important part of pop culture, being recognized throughout the world.

Marilyn Monroe

Was the August 5, 1962 when the American actress was found dead in her home, lifeless. The official version confirmed that the death was due to an overdose of barbiturates.

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A few months before that tragic day, Marilyn was in Mexico City, where it was captured by the camera of photographer Antonio Caballero, becoming one of the most valuable pieces of the actress, going around the world for its uniqueness.

The famous photo of Marilyn Monroe in Mexico

During a press conference given by Marilyn and held at the Continental Hilton Hotel that was located at the intersection of Reforma and Insurgentes, Antonio Caballero, who was sitting in the front row, did not take his lens off the famous actress, photographing every move she made.

When it comes to developing those valuable negatives, the photographer realized that there was a photo in particular that would be highly relevant since he had captured that Marilyn Monroe, the most desired woman and maximum sexual symbol in the world, she didn’t wear underwear.

Marilyn Monroe

The photograph captured the moment when Monroe was crossing her leg, revealing that precisely, there was no underwear. The newspaper chose not to publish the image right away.but it was two days later when it appeared censored within its pages.

As expected, the photo gave a lot to talk about and the problems began to arise to such an extent that the negative was stolen by a then colleague of Antonio Caballero, a problem that ended in a lawsuit against the thief.

During those 14 days that he rolled around the then Federal District, Taxco and Acapulco, he hooked up with a 20-year-old Mexican film scriptwriter and ‘casanova’. The partying partner ended up becoming his last great passion.


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