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The Hunger Games actress against dog abuse on the streets of Hollywood

Jenna Maloneactress of The Hunger Games You sucker Punchconfirmed to her network that this Tuesday (April 5) she was to chase an alleged dog abuser in Los Angeles, as published by NBC.

Actress He saw a man “kicking a small dog repeatedly”, “raising it in the air and strangling it”. Malone said she yelled at the man to stop “throttling the dog,” but he didn’t.

“I got out of my car to try to catch the dog but he started running,” Malone posted. ,So I started following him. I saw other people on the street looking upset because they must have seen the same rude behavior that I had seen…”

Jena Malone is shooting an epic film for Netflix.  ap photo

Jena Malone is shooting an epic film for Netflix. ap photo

He adds: “So I signaled a man in an orange vest to run with me to chase him… When I looked back, there were five more men on the same thing. It was like a miracle.”

take care man

As reported by NBC, a fight broke out about six blocks later, when a group of people began thrashing the alleged dog abuser. Although Malone clarified that he had not witnessed this part of the incident, he was told that “The man was reluctant to hand over the dog.”

“The police came and took the boy away,” the actress continued. “I waited with the dog until another policeman took us to the vet. The dog was covered in dirt and looked like it hadn’t been taken care of for months.”

Then the actress told Medical Report of the Dog: “A fractured rib, a bone fracture in his hind legs, and another fracture in his right leg.” He continued: “It was absolutely horrifying to see an animal behaving like this… I’m sorry it ended in a fight, but the dog was about to die. No doubt. I cannot imagine the level of torture he has endured so far.”

Red carpet moment for Jenna Malone, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Natalie Dormer from "The Games...".

Red carpet moment for Jenna Malone, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and Natalie Dormer from “The Games…”.

other than franchise The Hunger Games You sucker PunchMalone’s career includes Donnie Darkoinherent Vice You Neon Demon.

These days, she is preparing to shoot an epic film for Netflix with Zack Znyder (who already directed her in Zucker Punch). Rebel Moon.

baldness thing

In addition to his love for animals, comes to Malone’s mind long before Will Smith slaps Chris RockTalked about baldness.

And it was about the saga of, when not The Hunger GamesThe film that led to his fame, where Malone appears bald in her role as Johanna Mason, There, the actress looks very thin, pale and completely bald, as a result of which she was imprisoned in the Capitol …

in an interview with VulturePicked up by MTV, Malone said director Francis Lawrence insisted Visiting a post-traumatic stress specialist to build character.

“Knowing what really happens to people when they go through a traumatic situation between life and death, surprised me. […] How the body changes, how the personality changes, how your reaction to things changes. From there I started. I read a few books about these war soldiers and their return home, the anger and separation between real life and their lives.”

His physique attracts the most attention and, although on occasion his baldness was created with special effects, he assures that he has shaved before: “I have shaved twice and I love it. […] Every woman should shave her head at least once., It’s important to see what you feel as a woman.”

Phone Chris.



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