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The Goya for the best Ibero-American and European film will be delivered virtually and there is controversy

The Goya for the best Ibero-American and European film will be delivered virtually and there is controversy

The Goya Awards in the categories of best Ibero-American and European film will be delivered virtually and candidates will not be able to attend the gala to be held on February 12 in Valencia (eastern Spain), a measure that has been very poorly received by the teams concerned.

The decision was made unanimously by the Board of Directors. of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences to avoid risks due to the necessary mobility that the presence of these teams would imply, since they are all outside of Spain, sources from this institution confirmed to EFE.

The measure directly affects the equipment of nameless song (Peru), the mountain range of dreams (Chili), the siamese (Argentina) and The Wolves (Mexico), in the case of Ibero-American films, already The perfect man (Germany), bye bye idiots (France), Another round (Denmark) and A promising young woman (United Kingdom), in the category of best European film.

Another Round, Another Of The Films Affected By The Goya Measure.

Another round, another of the films affected by the Goya measure.

In search of minimal risk

the academy wants minimize risks in the face of the incessant increase in covid cases and with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum safety of those attending the gala.

For this, a negative PCR will also be required from the attendees and the number of people who can enter the Palau de Les Arts will be reduced, where the ceremony of the 36th edition of the Goya Awards will be held.

The Ibero-American film crews assured EFE that are “very disappointed” and that they consider the measure “very unfair”, since the borders of their countries are not closed and the risk of their displacement is the same as that of people traveling from Madrid or Barcelona to Valencia.

In the case of nameless song, its producers have already sent a letter to the Film Academy asking them to reconsider their decision and explaining the reasons why they consider the decision adopted to be discriminatory.


An “unsustainable” and “unfair” measure

“It doesn’t hold up,” he assures EFE its director, Melina León, who appears “sad and disconcerted” by one measure against only eight movies among all those who compete in the Goya. “It undermines the prestige of these awards,” he affirms emphatically.

The borders of Spain are not closed to the countries affected by this resolution and, furthermore, highlights the director, “in the film industry we are constantly traveling and it is impossible to believe that all the guests from Spain are going to travel from Spain”.

In addition, the nominees will be accompanied, as usual, by people who are not among the candidates. “And we, representatives of those eight films, were left out… It’s not fair.”

León has tried to be allowed to attend because he plans to travel to Spain to give classes two weeks before the Goya, but the Academy replied that it would make a difference with the rest of the teams in the two affected categories. Nevertheless, the director trusts that the Academy will reflect and finally allow them to attend.


time and effort

“We have been working very hard since Peru informed us on August 19 that we would be the representatives for the Goya. A Peruvian-Basque designer offered to make us the dresses. We have dedicated a lot of time and effort,” laments León, who was excited to participate in some awards “so well known and prestigious in Latin America.”

For her part, Alexandra Galvis, producer of the film by Patricio Guzmán the mountain range of dreams, told EFE that “it is very difficult to replace a face-to-face activity. The awards are especially an instance to meet as an industry and celebrate the best of cinema”.

“Having a gala was more than a ceremony, it was an opportunity to celebrate the best of cinema,” added Galvis, who, although he understands the complex situation of the pandemic, considers that “this loss it is impossible to replace with a virtual participation“.

“For them (the crews of Ibero-American films) it is very important to be in the Goya. It means a lot both the nomination and the attendance at the gala, not to mention going up on stage to collect the award”, agree in pointing out those responsible for communication of the films.

Source: EFE


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