The French, Germans and Spanish visited Morrison.

They pay tribute at the grave of the singer and poet

Paris (EFE).—French, German and Spanish fans flocked to Paris’ Pere Lachaise cemetery yesterday to pay tribute to this myth and rock reference at the grave of musician and poet Jim Morrison, who died 50 years ago yesterday .

“The poems you sing will always confuse us. Your demons have come looking for you, but we can never forget you. The doors will never close, because I never get tired of listening to your songs”, read Catherine D’Lençon and Bruno Gaccone at the foot of Morrison’s grave, leaving a bouquet of flowers and a frame with a picture.

behind the fence

To protect the privacy of the place and prevent people from getting too close, the fence around the tomb witnessed the morning of the arrival of hundreds of followers, some of them wearing the shirts of the artist and his group, The Doors.

“We came to experience this phenomenon, we did not come to see Paris; We came to celebrate the 50th anniversary with our idol Jim Morrison”, explained Mamen Langa and Carlos Sánchez, who had come from Barcelona by car for the occasion.

The two believed that this “dream” they had long planned to have, that too for the 25th anniversary of his death, as they “fascinated” Morrison from a very young age. But it wasn’t until 50 years had passed that he finally decided to get it done.

The song “La Woman”, which was dedicated to her partner, Pamela Courson, is one of those highlighted by Langa, although she acknowledged that they all have something in common because of the messages circulated at the time.

“He has been a reference both personally and musically,” says Pere Romu, another Barcelona fan, who was already in the cemetery two years ago and who wanted to reiterate to share Morrison’s memory in the company today.

“A short but intense life”, he described in relation to his idol – who died at 27 – Romu, who admitted that his hair still stood on end when he listened to songs such as “Riders on the Storm” from his album Huh. La Woman ”,“ One of the best albums in history ”.

Morrison’s music was heard under his grave on this memorial day, commemorating the artist’s death in a flat in the Le Marais district in Paris, where he went to leave his wine behind and try to breathe with him. had gone. Spirit Artistic City.