Home Entertainment The French chronicle, or the imagination in its ink: prepare to enjoy

The French chronicle, or the imagination in its ink: prepare to enjoy

The French chronicle, or the imagination in its ink: prepare to enjoy

Get ready to enjoy. Each realization of Wes anderson it is different, but similar, at the same time, to his previous creations. The composition of the frames, the camera movements, the voice-overs and the art direction: few filmmakers are so easy to guess when viewing a frame. They are counted with the fingers of the hands which have a unique and own style. The imagination of the director of Moonrise Kingdom – A kingdom under the moon it’s pretty particular, in the best of ways, like your gag metric.

The French Chronicle or The French Dispatch is a special supplement to a fictional Kansas newspaper written in another imagined city in France -Ennui-. It is a kind of Leisure Guide, perhaps, that contains a bit of everything; It does not matter what, but the talent of those who write the articles.

And like any cult publication – the reference to the magazine is clear The New Yorker– The eccentricity of who the writers are runs, we imagine, even with that of its director, Wes Anderson. And with that of the Editor-in-Chief, the editor of The French Dispatch, played by an old acquaintance and friend of the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Bill murray.

Elisabeth Moss, Owen Wilson And Tilda Swinton, First From Left: Luxury Editors Of &Quot;The French Chronicle.&Quot;  Disney Photo

Elisabeth Moss, Owen Wilson and Tilda SWinton, first from left: luxury editors of “The French Chronicle.” Disney Photo

Man is governed by two maxims: one is that one should not cry in his office; the other has to do with the appearances of the writing, whether or not it should be made to believe that what was written was written that way on purpose or not.

What Wild tales, which were six films in one, something similar happens here. The film is more than separate, narrated in episodes or articles. Not all are even, yes in all the original, sophisticated style of Anderson is retraced.

Endearing characters

Benicio Del Toro Stars In The Best Story In &Quot;The French Chronicle.&Quot;  Disney Photo

Benicio Del Toro stars in the best story in “The French Chronicle.” Disney Photo

There is the art critic (Tilda swinton) that tells, perhaps, the best story or short story of the film. It is the story of a prisoner, not at all common, and you will see why Moses Rosenthaler (Benicio Del Toro) has been in prison for so many years, who dedicates himself to painting and has his guard (Léa Seydoux) as a nude model. There will be those who believe that theirs is art (Adrien Brody) and will do everything possible to take over their works.

You have to follow the French student revolution, well in the ’60s, and that’s what the writer played by Frances McDormand deals with, relating to a leader who ends up writing his Manifesto (Timothée Chalamet).

Bill Murray, A Stalwart Of The Director Of &Quot;The Eccentric Tenenbaums&Quot;.  Disney Photo

Bill Murray, a stalwart of the director of “The Eccentric Tenenbaums”. Disney Photo

And how could there not be a column that has to do with gastronomy. But wait to enjoy how the character of Jeffrey Wright gastronomic writer, is intertwined with the kidnapping of the son of a commissioner (Mathieu Amalric).

To the already named cast, add to the Woody Allen film style cameos or more extensive appearances of some Anderson regulars, such as Owen Wilson, Edward Norton or Jason Schwartzman, Bob Balaban, Henry Winkler, Christoph Waltz, Cécile de France, Willem Dafoe , Saoirse Ronan or Elisabeth Moss.

In Black And White Or In Color, Anderson Demonstrates His Unmistakable Style.  Disney Photo

In black and white or in color, Anderson demonstrates his unmistakable style. Disney Photo

And if the same people always accompany the same people in the team heads of the artistic fields, here Alexandre Desplat must be revered, for the composition of the music.

The French Chronicle it’s elegant, quirky, eccentric, and all adjectives that start with the e sound. Maybe not great, but extremely (h) beautiful.

“The French Chronicle”

Very good

Dramatic comedy. USA / Germany, 2021. Original title: “The French Dispatch”. 107 ‘, SAM 13. From: Wes Anderson. With: Bill Murray, Benicio Del Toro, Frances McDormand. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto, Cinépolis Recoleta and Pilar, Showcase Belgrano.

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