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the formula for the success of a movie “from the heap” that opened a new rift

the formula for the success of a movie

“People want to read in favor”The person responsible for deciding what to publish in one of the most important publishing houses in Argentina told me a couple of years ago. “Your proposal has two problems: it gets into an issue that can generate discomfort in a sector that now has a lot of support, and it will play against you; and surely that will not push sales either,” he concluded. Lapidary.

The episode, absolutely real, perhaps serves to understand why satirical comedy Don’t look up, by Adam McKay, became one of the stars of the end of the year streaming, from its arrival on the Netflix screen, a couple of weeks ago. In fact, according to the platform, this last Tuesday the film led their charts in 94 countries. Also, lapidary.

However, despite the incontrovertible statistics, a good deal of negative reviews balances opinions; in some cases, without mercy. In The Guardian, Pete Bradshaw associates it with a sketch of the show Saturday night Live, only that of 148 minutes; while Carlos Boyero, in La Vanguardia, ruled that Don’t look up it is an “easily forgettable movie.”

Don'T Look Up Is Adam Mckay'S New Comedy With A Star-Studded Cast.

Don’t Look Up is Adam McKay’s new comedy with a star-studded cast.

So, if they both have something or enough of a reason, that they are, why so many millions are located on the other side of the crack ready to defend tooth and nail a comedy that, by the way, although at times it is very funny, finally it hardly confirms the lineage of its protagonists, who impose their acting virtues.

That is precisely where the factors of a formula that pays great dividends come into play. Even if it is a minor story, full of common places and smeared with a thick patina of political correctnessThat which on both sides of the rift -especially the “good” – they say they hate, but which the majority exercise with special devotion.

Stereotypes for all tastes

“An alter ego president of Donald Trump, a world that ignores scientists and a technology guru who only thinks about getting the most out of misfortunes”, describes the situation picture by journalist Gregorio Belinchón in The vanguard.

If we translate into our language, we could talk about joins President with too much ego, much smoke and little light, a flock (or pack) of altered deniers and a couple of businessmen or relatives crony of power who seek to enlarge their kiosks by taking advantage of misfortunes. Nothing that we do not know well up close, no gap that is worth.

Meryl Streep, As A Pouting Trump President, Also Admits Local Comparisons.

Meryl Streep, as a pouting Trump president, also admits local comparisons.

With that formula, undoubtedly ideal for the joy of the morbid and confirmation of their own ideas, and a cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and crowned by Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Mark Rylance, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, Netflix and in this case McKay and company took to the field without more risks than that of some professional criticism.

Like little, the pandemic enhanced the “message” of the film, whose filming had to be postponed in April 2020 because of the cursed bug, which ended up being his ally in extrapolating the history of the comet that is going to kill us all with the virus that threatens our existence.

It is interesting, in this context, what Belinchón points out. “With this list -speaking of the protagonists- the ages of any social media user are covered and of the members of the families who have seen the film on the platform, “he says. And yes, in any house someone will be interested in seeing one of their” references “in action.

Leonardo Dicaprio Takes On The Role Of A Scientist Who, Tempted By The Pleasures Of The Flesh, Forgets Science For A While.

Leonardo DiCaprio takes on the role of a scientist who, tempted by the pleasures of the flesh, forgets science for a while.

A fail-safe plan

Several of them also revealed that the director gave them enough space for improvisation, which is not entirely clear if it was a kind of genius on his part in order to get the most out of the artists’ creativity, or a simple strategy not to interfere in the midst of so much talent with a gaffe to ruin the combo.

The plot of Don’t look up It is not very different from any other that begins with the discovery, by science – in this case, as in many others, the person responsible for the discovery is an aspiring doctor – of a threat that could end the world. And that highlights the biased gaze of the political class, much more interested in taking care of their quintita than in saving humanity.

Incidentally, the movie puts the media and information at the center of the board, much more interested in entertaining and maintaining or increasing their audience levels than in deepening the analysis of the topics that are addressed. Easy target, in times when a tweet becomes a note and An official radio spends 10 minutes seriously in developing a fake news about Jorge Luis Borges.

The World Under The Threat Of A Celestial Body Admits Its Extrapolation To Other Phenomena That Could End Humanity.

The world under the threat of a celestial body admits its extrapolation to other phenomena that could end humanity.

With that plan, nothing can go wrong. And it seems not to be failing. After all, with a couple of adaptations, the “argument” of Don’t look up it applies to any noble cause out there. From climate change to mega-mining, passing through the coronavirus as a determining factor of our daily lives, it is about adjusting some pegs so that the film sounds fine.

And the sticks, just in case and as the Spanish journalist points out, are for everyone. Yes even what he calls the “good-looking” sector looks ridiculous, when the greatest response action to the imminence of the catastrophe, from the most “sensible” sectors of the crack that the film presents, is reduced to a show by the singer Riley Bina (Ariana Grande).

Something similar to thinking that go see the anti-capitalist Floydean pig fly over the heads of those who paid (we) a pile of bills For seeing a phenomenal artist who alternates live with playback, and for chanting with him that we do not need our thoughts to be controlled while we look at the likes that the photo of the pig that we posted three minutes ago received, brings us closer to the revolution.

In truth, maybe that is one of the juiciest passages in the movie, in which the blessed political correctness is, perhaps involuntarily, somewhat attenuated, and between the lines the threads of the staging of the universal circus are exposed. But don’t worry: it’s just a little while and it doesn’t bother anyone.


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