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Monday, September 26, 2022

The former Flans, Amparo Serrano, dies at 57 years of age

  • Former member of the Flans group dies
  • Amparo Serrano passed away at the age of 57
  • Recognized for creating the Distroller brand

Amparo Serrano dies. The bad news continues to arrive for the entertainment world, this Friday, August 12, the death of a great star has been confirmed, who shone both in music and in marketing. Amparo “Amparín” Serrano, creator of the Distroller brand, died this Friday at the age of 57.

The former member of Flans, died at the beginning of the week, according to sources close to the family of the former artist, assure that Amaprín had a domestic accident that led her to be hospitalized three days ago. The news of her death was released by her daughters on social networks, according to Reform Agency.

The former Flans Amparo Amparín Serrano dies

The former Flans Amparo Amparín Serrano dies

The actress Minnie West said goodbye to her mother through her Instagram account by describing the businesswoman as her hero and idol. “Mom: I write this with a broken heart without believing that this is true,” the account reads. from Instagram Minnie, who acted in “I like it but it scares me” and in “My best friend’s wedding”.

“This is a nightmare, I’m going to wake up and you’re going to be there, dancing, drawing, filling the world with creativity, happiness and bad spelling, always supporting me absolutely everything, everything I wanted to do,” added his daughter in a photo where he appears in a hospital bed.

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