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The first words of Yhosva Montoya, brand new winner of La Voz Argentina

He had everything to gain, as he finally did, but anyway there is the aroma of a bump, of surprise. The sea in the background marked that the glory was going to remain in the hands of Angela Navarroof Team Lali, which would have made her the first woman to win the La Voz Argentina trophy. But the talent of Yhosva Montoya led him to garner 52.4 percent of the public vote. and cried.

How excited are you now?a few minutes after the triumph, on the other side of the line, on the threshold of Tuesday morning. “I don’t really know what I feel, I still haven’t fallen… Or I do know: gratitude”says this 23-year-old Patagonian boy, the winner of a contest that saw him enter the Telefe casting with 4042 on his chest. And he passed one test, and another…

And the day came blind audition, where the participants sing in front of a jury whose back is turned. And while she performed Move alongby Nahuel Pennisi, the four (Ricardo Montaner, Soledad Pastorutti, Mau & Ricky and Lali Esposito) turned around. And when choosing Teamhe said “I’m going with the Sole”.

Don’t forget where you come from

Born and raised in Gaiman, Chubut, six months ago he moved to a neighboring town, Dolavon, where he had been fulfilling his dream: to sing wherever he went. Y I did it in peñas, in breweries, “in places I want to return to. I am not one of those who forget. And I am here thanks to all the way I did and to the people who helped me in everything”.

La Sole's emotion upon learning that Yhosva was the winner.  With them, Angela and Lali.

La Sole’s emotion upon learning that Yhosva was the winner. With them, Angela and Lali.

Molded in simplicity and effortremember when “going on television was not in my plans” and it was hard to get an audience: “A little while ago I wanted to go and present myself at the Pre Varadero and then I put on a little show to raise funds… and I collected just for a plate of food“. And he couldn’t go, but he didn’t lower his arms.

“I confess that many times I’ve been about to lower my armsdue to different problems that we have gone through, but my family and my friends always encouraged me to get up and continue”, shares Yhosva, the one with the difficult name but easy smile. she has the gift of charisma, among other gifts.

Like the one about sincerity: “Today Angela did better than me. She is an immense artist. She always did well. I’ve had some lazy nights, but she hasn’t.” And she says that when she heard her sing for the first time she said: “She is going to be the winner”. And the hunch failed him.

-Did the rumor that it would be good if a woman finally won, generated pressure on you?

-Pressure no, but I did not like it. I don’t like to mix: music is one thing and gender is another. If Angela had to win it was for his enormous talent, not for anything else. It seems to me that the analysis is greatly reduced when gender is imposed for no reason. I swear to you, I’m happy for me, but sad because my friend also deserved to win.

Montoya does not speak from the cassette. So much so that he releases an intimacy of the many talks between him and his coach: “She told me ‘You sing, show what you are singing, you don’t have to tell sad things from the past if they aren’t necessary. When you want to tell them, you tell them. But defend yourself from art’. And I’ve always done that.”

Yhoswa Montoya, the winner of "La Voz Argentina" with Marley.

Yhoswa Montoya, the winner of “La Voz Argentina” with Marley.

the pains of the past

Now, in this telephone heads-up with Clarionyes remember the hardships they experienced as a low-income family. Yhosva is the youngest of four siblings (Maxi, Yadia and Perla). His mom died when he was 10 years old.. Then dad became a couple again and added two little sisters: Zoe and Ingrid.

“My mother’s death was a tremendous pain, it broke me in the middle. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to continue, but I could. With faith I could. And going through all the states that go through a duel. It was very hard.” A silence of those that say a lot is imposed.

Now that he’s moved to Dolavon, He left Yadia the little house he built with his own hands in the courtyard of the father’s house. Although he “always knew he wanted to be a musician, I had to earn my living doing everything“. And then he opens his soul a little more to remember his times of bricklayer, greengrocer

“I did everything I spent a lot of time taking weeds, for example, and I also worked in a hairdressing salon. I always knew that to go forward you had to roll up your sleeves.” The old formula of effort.

So the day came take his first plane in life to test himself in La Voz Argentinain which his admired Soledad was a sworn: “To me I really like folklore and La Sole is like a guide. I’m lovin ‘it. It is much more than what one sees of her on TV. Is a teacher for everything”, gives the participant who made her a champion coach for the third time.

The last song

“I’m going to tell you a half secret thing: Dorita, my vocal coach, tells me that Sole wanted me to sing this song in the final and, really, I didn’t know the lyrics. But if she wanted it, I was going to give up everything to learn it. Y With a lot of fear I went out on stage a little while ago and did my best… You can see that he liked it“, he acknowledges about his sublime interpretation of stone and road.

He says that as soon as he finished singing, he saw La Sole’s face and felt that “I had not failed him. I am very much into living in the moment and I sent myself with all my strength. And I think I was able to enjoy it.”

With part of his family in the stands – he traveled especially to see him at the Movistar Arena show on Saturday and stayed for the final – the winner of The voice (he rose with two million pesos and a contract with Universal) knows that he must stay a few days in Buenos Aires.

But he is already thinking about his return to town, where awaits the Yhosvanetathat Fiat 600 tuned that made him last from day one. “They told me that they have put giant screens in the gyms and in various places to accompany me on this adventure. How can I not want to hug all those people. It’s a hug that I need“, he says with 23 years and a centuries old wisdom.

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