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The first chapter of El Frontier 5, a good hook

The first chapter of El Frontier 5, a good hook

The first episode of the long-awaited fifth season outer edge Thick stroked paints with central themes in the series. Indeed, a chapter may be needed to identify how the main characters are positioned and a glimpse of what is to come from those pieces of history.

Well, a script that lives up to the audience’s expectations by treading familiar paths, though Looks like there’s a more pronounced tone of condemnation this season, All the characters that make the series fascinating are the pastors (Juan Minujin), God (Nicolas Furtado), Mario Borges (Claudio Risi), Sergio Antin (Gerard Roman) and reappearing after Luna Lunati’s long absence (maite lanata), actresses also participate Maria Loyal Judge Maria Virginia Pinero hardened and . In form of Maria Fernanda Callejon like Martha.

This fifth and final season of outer edge -already on netflix-, is six episodes, created by Sebastian Ortega with Israel Caetano In the original story, it has several directors, Alejandro Ciancio, Mariano Ardanaz and Minujin himself (in chapters 4 and 5); The screenwriters are Omar Quiroga and Alejandro Quedada.

Juan Minujin, as the pastor, remains one of the pivots of the story.

Juan Minujin, as the pastor, remains one of the pivots of the story.

The first chapter moves at an interesting pace, jumping dynamically from one position to another that is captivating. Now, after reminding us that The fourth season ended with the Puente Viejo prison escape.Partly disappointed and from whom only Diosito managed to escape, action keeps us three years later,

Diosito continues his work, but in the field; Lives in Marta’s house which he helps financially with petty theft of cows and sheep which he later sells behind a refrigerator, Marta’s lover and her status as her daughter are discovered and He must escape the danger of the mistress’ gun in the underclothes of the house at midnight. a cliche.

Let’s go back to jail. The pastor just released a book, outer edge, wrote in prison; A work in which he denounces the operation of the judicial and penitentiary system with hairs and signs. Very radical, during a journalistic interview as a result of his work, he talks about the abuse, humiliation, and torture he experienced in prison. He talks about class bias in the sentences and before confirming the interviewer – who plays a visionary devil’s advocate – that there are poor people who work, explains the pastor. “That’s very true, but the point is that If that poor man makes a mistake, he pays for it by years in prison. This does not happen in other social classesWhere mistakes are condoned or other opportunities are provided”.

In any case, the priest’s main concern is not in the sales levels of his book, which somehow creates a certain security for him in prison.

Diosito (Nico Furtado), another major character from the Netflix series.

Diosito (Nico Furtado), another major character from the Netflix series.

and that outer edge Without naming names, it exposes deep prison corruption between officers and inmates, an aspect that all prisons have in common, but to recover parental responsibility for their son, who lives in a foster home. and is thus able to prevent, that he goes to an institution for minors, that is to say.

rare environment

The atmosphere of Puente Viejo feels rare; The iron management that Borges has done historically is beginning to crumble. Even in a conversation between him and the prison director Antin, he made an offer to go out of business inside the prison, which the director vehemently refused.

A later scene depicts Borges in his bunker as a ready-made man or almost, while one of his henchmen picks up on the need for change and begins a lukewarm process of resistance to extortion in the pavilions.

Everything in the chapter is: Violence in food, sex and even a mouseAlso, of course, for a certain glimmer of hope, as in the scene which celebrates the early release of one of the prisoners. Looks like a round is taken from a prison pavilion over school break,

Pastor’s interview with Antin reveals that the freedom enjoyed by the protagonist, who also has a radio program in prison but who is perceived as a button and pimp for his book, may be safe-conduct or sympathetic by the director. is the screen used to show. Be able to continue with the culprits and with shady deals.

book for sure outer edge This may reflect reality, but it is completely textbook, without ceasing to be dramatic, for the state of tragedy in prisons.

The chapter leaves countless loose ends that will be resolved in the following episodes, such as when Family Judge Pinero rejects the pastor’s request to recover parental responsibility, while in the next room is lawyer Luna, Which because of his appearance we can’t only guess who will enter the game but on which side he will put his energy.


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