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The final is coming up between Micah Visconte and Tomas Fonzik

If he could rewind a few months and grant himself a wish, Tomas Fonzie would choose that there are more hours in the days. Not only being on time to get your kids to sleep at night — and, hopefully, getting them to school — but To get recipes right, with instinct more than techniqueTook him to the final round of MasterChef Celebrity 3.

“lots of videos and books, but I haven’t even set foot in my kitchen since we started recording, I would have loved to be able to practice at home, but I was coming back too late. My wife took care of a lot of food issues in these months and also had a lot of deliveries,” slides the actor.

Meanwhile, the actions of his rival, Micaela Visiconte (that is.)This Sunday 10th and Monday 11th day they will face in the Grand Finale of Telefe Cycle 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.) replies: “I practiced a lot in my kitchen with a stopwatch and everything. And it was a mess! but I wanted to do my best for this final Where is the three-step menu.”

Michaela Visiconte reached the final with an eight-month stomach.  She will be Luca's new mother.  photo phone

Michaela Visiconte reached the final with an eight-month stomach. She will be Luca’s new mother. photo phone

tired cook

Fatigue is mutual and they do not hide it. “In past broadcasts, it shows me more. I’m mentally exhausted but This is the feeling of reaching the edgeafter a long swim”says Tomas Fonzi, who, far from seeing himself a step away from the jackpot, did not predict – “neither my family nor friends” – Passed the month of January.

Eight months old belly has started gaining weightBut I never justified myself because I wasn’t interested in running with a profit. While it is true that being a new mother takes a lot of emotions and it touches a very sensitive chord. i think i’m another person”says Micah Visconte, impressive and former War,

,Aren’t they the ones who entered?

fonzik: In many ways, no. A priori regarding the kitchen, the most obvious. But venturing into unfamiliar terrain like a reality show had its own risks and anything could have happened. but I understood the game and started enjoying it,

Tomas Fonzi says that he carries the marks of MasterChef in his soul.  "good ones," He clarifies.  photo phone

Tomas Fonzi says that he carries the marks of MasterChef in his soul. “good ones,” He clarifies. photo phone

Viscon: I entered without knowing how to cook, or the basics. And I learned to solve. today when i open the fridge with three things i cook for you, It was a crash course with three monsters that, if you’re willing to pay for it, is priceless. And personally, as a new mom longing for a baby, I found a more sensitive Micaela who smiles a lot.

Didn’t Your Hormones Deceive You?

Viscon: Yes, but at home… (laughs) I don’t know if both are at work. I had a fight with the German (Martitegui) at a time when I couldn’t handle them. And then I went home badly and I caught him with my partner. but I have a memory for life that I worked and Luca was with me in the stomach.

memories i won’t forget

More review: “I had my first contractions at MasterChef, I was checking the syrup and I didn’t want to leave it because it had to reach 118 degrees. And in turn, I felt a pain that I couldn’t bear anymore and I told the doctor: I need to sit down a bit. And nobody knew. Santi del Moro was the one who brought me the basket from the market, who was also a father around that time, and he lived closely with me.

-They had very demanding days of recording. Was it difficult for you to break out of that vortex to resume your normal routine?

Viscon: I am not the kind of person who stays at home much. It’s hard for me not to work, not to work. I start cleaning, ordering and after several days I need to be active. Clearly I lack training activity, which, with eight months of abs, I can’t do.

in the process.  "MasterChef Celebrity 3" Finalist Micaela Visconte.  photo phone

in the process. “MasterChef Celebrity 3” Finalist Micaela Visconte. photo phone

fonzik, it was more intense than recording a strip, Because as much as you go to work every day, you never have all the scenes. And the participants are the actors of the program. But it was fine. Now that I go back to school looking for my kids, I’ve rarely crossed them over the months. He finished late and came home to see them slept ten minutes or so earlier. And they left early in the morning.

And he adds: “I would have liked if I had more time to try and practice dishes at home. Before I started, I met with my mom for eight hours one day and He prepared a list of preparations I didn’t know, A béchamel sauce, a zucchini soup, a pie crust. And he was always giving me data and advice.

– What do you know what he taught you or did you have a base?

fonzik: I’ve always loved cooking. She was always a very good cook and loved pastries. My dad always handled fire very well. This is a great steakhouse. And I have a very clear premise, no doubt about it. but I never thought I’d be able to reach here, Coming in mid-January this was done. What didn’t surprise me was Micah in the final. Because he worked hard and diligently for it.


– Is the opponent measured or competing with himself?

fonzik: I I see it as a self-improvement experience, Learn not only to cook, but also how to get around there and it is seen on national television. Those were the challenges, not just reaching this or that instance.

personal development.  tomas fonzi "MasterChef Celebrity 3" This is how I see my time.  photo phone

personal development. tomas fonzi “MasterChef Celebrity 3” This is how I see my time. photo phone

Viscon: The competition itself is personal, but it’s also pure strategy because if someone cooks very well, you should downplay it. This existence is basic. it with me “la peck” Happened to (Pareto), who is a love, but he super studies at the game. And when I had to bring food for the recipe, obviously i was the worst in the world, I also saw him as a potential winner and I never gave up competing.

– Even in life?

Viscon: In general, I am very attentive and competitive.

fonzikOver time I realized that What interests me most about a project is enjoying the process., In whatever you are doing.

-There’s a trend that points to Tomas Fonzie as the great favorite. Are they listening to the exhaust urn?

fonzik: sight, i know i have a 50 percent chance, that’s all I can say. But, at one point, there’s so much good vibes… that I say: We’re going to win for all of them. My chest swells. But how will Mika even get it?

Viscon: I am very present in social networks, I read and listen to everything.

-And how did it affect you that one of your photos in the finals got aired prematurely? Do you think you are gone?

Viscon: And… those things may have struck me a little, but I know there was no intention and it’s arranged indoors, I hope it hasn’t weighed me down and it shouldn’t play against me either because I’m super professional and it’s not like I went all out to upload things.

And he explains, after speculating that he may have taken a pastry course at Mar del Plata: “Sometimes it makes me laugh and I think: why so evil? i didn’t take any courses, Besides, anyone who watched the program matured that I am not a professional (laughs). And neither does my sister.

He started making homemade pasta at home during the pandemic with a simple machine. He never read anything and I studied at Mar del Plata, but something else. And if I want, it’s doable. Even if you have a teacher. But sometimes there are people who believe that they are journalists and they do not get the information from the relevant source.

With Damien Betular.  Micah Visconte, red handed.  photo phone

With Damien Betular. Micah Visconte, red handed. photo phone

-Does Fabian Cubaro cook in your house?

Viscon: We always fall apart. He handles himself more than the grill and I am more of fish and cake. but when i started master Chef I left because I was walking around here and he was waiting for me with food.

-What rewards inspire you? Where will they allocate 1.5 lakh pesos?

Viscon: He who does not tell you lies to you. It’s an encouragement and I’m not going to tell you what I’m missing, but money is always good, Especially in this moment of being a mom because I feel like when Luca is born for a while I’m going to have to shut myself down and my priority will be second. I think I’ll be using it for my first family trip with Luca.

fonzik: for meTo give me some pleasure too it would be a yapa, A walk, whenever possible a short trip with my wife and kids.

Micah goes for more and Tomas too

After a while on the phone, your battery — not a cell phone — seems unbreakable. With a few hours of sleep and pending medical checkups due to her advanced pregnancy, Visconte delivers a bonus track: her landing, in parallel, MasterChef Celebrity, The RevengeA limited format of the gastronomic competition, which will bring together outstanding participants from three seasons.

“Of all the reality shows I’ve been on, if I watch my body i have marksBut I like them. Not masochistic, but they are life experiences. This time they were burnt from the oven, with a knife, with a mandolin …”he lists and fonzi, with more than one culinary battle wound in sight, details:

“I scratched my hand. And now I see to myself that I have a burnt finger. but above all, I take emotional points and good marks, Because although it was a very public exhibition, it was a competition that did not rely on scandal or fighting.

-Claudia Villafane had already done so by winning the first edition. Do you fantasize about your own gastronomic venture?

fonzik: I have a fantasy that could not be so spectacular, which is related to the preparation I made in the beginning. famous “my mom’s balls”, At some point something might happen to him. Not a specific proposition, but an idea and many people agree. You just have to shape it.

– Something big…?

fonzik: I don’t know, It could even be a car in the woods of Palermo, without a doubt. Actually, today they keep asking me the recipe. It is very current.

Viscon: They were awesome! I remember the noise, that they bit each other and they were super crunchy.

Joaquin Levinton and Tomas Fonzie become friends at Master data-recalc-dims=Chef. They don’t rule out making music together.”>

Joaquin Levinton and Tomas Fonzie become friends at Master>Chef. They don’t rule out making music together.

Another fantasy of yours, Tomas, is more rocker, isn’t it? Is music also part of what’s to come?

Fonzie: Yes, in addition to a stage and a series for the theater it is us, which I follow throughout April, has a few songs. Two on Spotify, but we have 5 or 6 more in the works. And who tells you, some Buenos Aires bar tours.

– You became great friends with Joaquin Levinton… Haven’t you thought of getting together yet?

fonzik: Of course, better. Collaboration with Levinton is coming to the fore any time now. He asked me to drink again. I’m going to take him some songs to see what he thinks, Now he has a radio program and he invited me to participate. He, without a doubt, made everything on the show more bearable for me.


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