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The fight between Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo that inspired a scene from ‘La Familia P. Luche’

Definitely The P. Luche Family is one of the most successful programs on Mexican television. This series was the creation of Eugenio Derbez, who sometimes has revealed that some of the scenes that appeared in it were real and many are no doubt wondering if Federica or Ludovico’s children are inspired by the Derbez family.

To the surprise of many, Eugenio Derbez in an interview with Yordi said that Alessandra Rosaldo, his wife, is the inspiration behind Federica P. Luchethe strict wife of Ludovico, characters whose fights have made us laugh more than once.

But that’s not all, since in that interview Eugenio Derbez acknowledged that he wrote a scene from the series after having a fight with Alessandra Rosaldo.

“There is a very famous scene that is even shown in the trailers for La Familia P. Luche that says: ‘No, I don’t want to. Now it’s going to be because you want me to go, but I want you to go because you want me to go’, that scene is real and it’s based on a discussion I had with Alessandra over a meal with her family”.

The actor remembered that when they were recording that scene Alessandra Rosaldo came to visit him at the forum, something that was not expected.

“I write the scene and one day while recording they tell me: ‘Alessandra is coming to visit you’ and I say: ‘My love, come in, bring a chair.’ She sits down and starts to watch the scene and I tell her: ‘she’s very funny’, we started the scene and the whole forum cag… with laughter and I said: ‘It’s cool, isn’t it, my love?’ and she with a mug”.

Finally, Eugenio Derbez detailed the reaction of his now wife to see that scene It was something that had happened in real life.

“He tells me, ‘That’s a scene, it’s a discussion that you and I just had three months ago.’


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