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the farewell of the famous

With the death of Cacho Fontana, an era for Argentine radio and television marked by the unmistakable imprint of the announcer and host ends. Fontana was 90 years old and died this Tuesday, July 5, and for those things of fate, one day after his ex-wife and mother of his daughters, Liliana Caldini, died.

Celebrities echoed the news and they fired the beloved driver on social networks, also highlighting the important career of the creator of several successes and that influenced the careers of many.

One of them was fellow driver Beto Casella: “Cacho, the inventor of today’s radio, has left. QUEP, dear Cacho Fontana,” he said.

For her part, the model Luciana Salazar joined with a message from her Twitter: “QEPD Cacho Fontana. A great man left.”

The former Minister of Culture of the Nation, Pablo Avelluto had words of appreciation for the announcer: “When I was a child there were people who were changing the media. Their voices are the sound of my childhood. Cacho Fontana was one of them . Rest in peace”.

The Uruguayan comedian Pichu Straneo also joined the farewell, posting an emotional memory with Cacho on his Twitter account. “He was a giant, a benchmark among many, a pioneer. I was lucky enough to meet him and have a comedy step with him. QEPD Cacho Fontana, unique and incomparable.”

Magdalena’s voice

Moved by the news, the journalist Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazu, expressed in statements to TN: “Working with Cacho was a wonderful experience.”

The journalist recalled how their meeting was: “I was very sad, we had a very good relationship. Working with him was a wonderful adventure. I was a mobile worker for Channel 7 and they came to tell me that my name was Cacho, I couldn’t believe it. We we made very good friends, it was very impressive. He constantly had very good initiatives, a fluency for information”

And he added: “I interviewed him a year and a half ago and I noticed him lucid, with a sense of humor. He loved challenges.”

Another man from the radio, Oscar González Oro, also joined in the farewell words: “I’m still moved. It paralyzes me, memories appear. He was a friend, the person with whom I had lunch twice a week. He was a human being with defects and virtues, creator of great successes and a style of making radio”.

“What attracted me to Cacho was her voice, her tone, how she handled it. She had a sense of humor, that Cacho bought me. The one who informed and amused,” she added as a tribute.

And he added a fact that does not stop attracting attention; the sad coincidence of his death with that of his ex-wife, Liliana Caldini, which occurred a day earlier. “The day Liliana died I immediately thought of her death. If someone was by Cacho’s side it was Liliana and the question was” who tells Cacho that Liliana died?

The journalist Valeria Schapira wrote: “To die remembered and loved as Cacho Fontana, leaving a legacy of professionalism and respect. Something that very few can.”

The announcer Nora Perlé also had emotional words to say goodbye to her referent and colleague: “He was a great teacher, he was an instance of the locution. With Antonio Carrizo they were the two masters of radio. Each one with his personality, humor, privileged intelligence What radio has, no other medium can match it, the listener is part of it. Cacho gave meaning to that,”

And he outlined his feelings about how the death of his ex-wife, Liliana Caldini, a day before, could have affected the announcer. “When we found out about Liliana, I thought I was going to finalize this news for Cacho. Don’t have the slightest doubt that it was devastating for him. Liliana was a splendid and vital girl,” he assured.

His colleague and another unmistakable radio reference, Héctor Larrea, remembered him this way: “Cacho was not a broadcaster, he was an artist. In addition to being a great seducer, that voice was different from all of them. It was harmonic, it had different tones, qualities, smells to each situation, his intuition. Cacho changed everything forever.”

“There was a problem of a particular nature that hurt him a lot. It’s a shame not to have Cacho in his brilliant moments. He was a great journalist, he had an incredible nose,” he added. remained forever in the public that loved the radio”.

Driver Angel de Brito wrote on his Twitter: “”The voice” became a legend”. And the journalist Guillermo Panizza remembered it this way, after a recent interview: “He arrived at the studios of the impeccable channel, dressed for the occasion. He greeted all the staff who participated in the interview one by one. And he shared incredible anecdotes. A big RIP.”


Cacho Fontana, radio and television announcer, died;  owner of a unique and privileged voice

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