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The famous photo of Cortazar by Sara Facio: portrait or caricature?

sara fasio must be a trustworthy person An artist with free and exclusive access to certain personalities, Maybe he was no match. Perhaps he did not realize the joke that was played on him by the witty Julio Cortázar, who enjoyed a formidable humor and could turn the author’s most famous portrait into a caricature.

famous picture, Sara Fascio’s MeninasHis Gioconda is also something like this he doesn’t go over the currency, In general, the pictures don’t try to reflect the person, but the character, Cortzer—suit, tie, and hairdo for the photo—(re)emulates the distinctive bohemian air of the scene, with a cigarette sticking out of her lip. 60s.

In other words, in the same moment, in the same pretense, in two steps?

Photograph by Julio Cortazar created by Sara Fascio.  He has an unlit cigarette.  Photo courtesy Maria Elena Walsh Foundation

Photograph by Julio Cortazar created by Sara Fascio. He has an unlit cigarette. Photo courtesy Maria Elena Walsh Foundation

and cigarette in mouth

as if everything was the same fake foundationAlso pay attention to the details: Cortázar doesn’t even smoke it! He has it closed, resting in his mouth, which is located in the very center. He even seemed to have lost some weight. He’s a little uncomfortable because he was a smoker who knew how to get 40 bum in a day.

Did Sarah Fascio tell her to use it for photos or to smoke it? Why is it off and on? Is this a metaphor? DoingOr will everything be the exact opposite of what we’ve written so far? What if Fascio chose a wink of intellectual malice to present it that way sight,

On top of that, the eminent photographer said that he did not find “beautiful” photographs, but “true” photographs. Facio, who has amazing pictures peronist boys, The only truth for the general was reality. And “reality” – cynical Peronism – may be an invention.

young 90 years

Sarah Fascio’s Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts is about to end. But Facio always comes back. Or, rather, it never goes away: this Saturday, June 18, to celebrate its 90 yearsHis most representative photographs will be displayed in the open air in four neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Recoleta, San Telmo, Congreso and Centro.

Why is Cortazar seen posing with a cigarette without a cigarette in the picture of Sara Fascio?

Why is Cortazar seen posing with a cigarette without a cigarette in the picture of Sara Fascio?

But now we’re into fine arts with a small crew that comes in the form of a “guided tour” cell phone photography course, A handful of trainees are doing practical exercises with a smartphone in hand.

But the question we ask ourselves in front of the picture is Why didn’t Sarah wait for Cortzer to light a cigarette, And we discussed: will this be the one? Gauloises or a Parisian? We are talking about the author’s iconic photo hopscotchwhich serves as the definitive version of the author.

the exhibition is called Sara Fascio: Photographs 1960/2010 and collect 39 tasks Argentine artist. We read on one wall: “Tribute to his tireless work as cultural manager and initiator of the museum’s photographic collection in 1995.”

Sara Fascio performs in Fine Arts.  Courtesy MNBA

Sara Fascio performs in Fine Arts. Courtesy MNBA

She was herself in charge of selecting the set of images that would make up the sample. They all come from his personal collection. Cortazar’s photo will be a hit.

His series are images of “First Prize”, “Humanario”, “Buenos Aires Buenos Aires”, “Funeral of President Perón” and “Bestario”.

no such picture

Cortzer posing with a extinguished cigarette. No picture as picture. A black and white postcard sized photo Born and raised to be pinned on desk corks. A picture with flair, not as an ornament, but as an inspiring collection.

In addition, we become aware of other symbolic images: Jorge Luis Borges, colorist Maria Elena Walsh, Ernesto Sabato, Astor Piazzola, Pablo Neruda, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz, Doris Lessing, Federico Leloir.

“I never understood the fame of that cortezer photo. Sara Fascio must believe that a man posing without a cigarette is art.” Cortzer had a misplaced capacity for ironyWhich he never put into practice in his stories…”, says someone in the group, iPhone in hand.

The professor says that he Picture Wants to reflect the character, not the person. On top of that, Cortzer is a writer who acts like the Van Gogh of letters: He who knows nothing about painting knows who Van Gogh is.

We meet Diego Levy And there is a slight commotion among the amateur crew. selfie with diego, New Journalism Award from the García Márquez Foundation, Author of books, cult filmmaker.

-Sorry Diego, is the Cortazar photo we see the original or is it a reproduction?

,mmm, I think she creates unlimited replicas, because she has a state of mind about him. There should be multiple copies of this Cortazar photo. I once heard her talk about this, saying that she doesn’t follow serial copying, because it goes against the basic principle of photography, which is reproduction.

there are some pictures Because it’s a half-century retrospective. If they were more, they would deserve the poster Louvre Pointing to the easy and straight path to Gioconda de Facio.

Sara Facio showed a portrait of Gabo.  He smokes but looks like he plays the harmonica.  Does Fascio hate cigarettes?

Sara Facio showed a portrait of Gabo. He smokes but looks like he plays the harmonica. Does Fascio hate cigarettes?

They tell us: “The picture is like an alliance between the face and the eyes.” We write it down. And what about the cartoon? ,Caricature exaggerates featuresBut it is still a portrait with somewhat more critical intentions”.

Facio’s Cortázar is a beardless man looking at the camera. The photo is from 1967 and is part of a collection called “My Writers”. Whether or not Cortzer would have burned the butt? DoingAnd if he still doesn’t smoke and imitated the environmental gesture of the intellectuals?

Going Ahead: Or could it be that Facio hates cigarettes with their respective smoke? In Gabo’s portrait, which is also on display, the Colombian author apparently lights a cigarette that cannot be seen. In addition, a camera for Abracadabra also gives the impression that the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude was playing the harmonica.

The passage of time, a certain personal and subjective ironic consumption, the guerrilla movement of the audiovisual field, the fact that there are as many photographers as there are cell phones, etc. all mean that suddenly one sees Körtzer’s iconic photo less like one. Picture than a cartoon could.

“The key points for facial expression are the eyes, nose, and its surroundings,” he tells us. “Look at the photo carefully: Cortázar’s nose invites you to smoke a little butt,,


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