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The famous musician Ramiro Colmenares is found dead in a hotel (PHOTOS)

  • This is how they found the acclaimed Hispanic
  • Relatives of the artist1 confirmed the tragedy
  • They say how could he have died in the hotel

The world of music is in mourning again, and that is that relatives of the acclaimed musician Ramiro Colmenares confirmed his death this Saturday, September 17. The artist was found dead in a hotel in Paraguay, according to reports.

The Hispanic was on tour with the group ‘Embajadores del Vallenato’, but the acclaimed musician died on the first night of the tour, according to the Colombian newspaper Week. In social networks, mourning and condolences were not long in coming after the news.

What did Ramiro Colmenares die of?

What did Ramiro Colmenares die of?

Ramiro Colmenares was 65 years old at the time of his death. The newspaper Semana points out that the musician could have suffered from heart failure. Colmenares was also the founder of ‘El Grupo de Upar’ in the sixties where he “fused” touches of Caribbean music with Colombian.

In addition, the accordion player would receive a tribute in Paraguay before his sudden death, according to the media Time. The group ‘Embajadores Vallenatos’, of which Ramiro Colmenares was a member, has more than 300,000 monthly listeners on the streaming music platform, Spotify.

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