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The famous actor Armando ‘Libertad’ Palomo statements to be a transsexual woman

  • Libertad Palomo confesses to staying a transsexual woman.
  • She claims that she won’t like males despite her gender alter.
  • Armando Palomo is known for his roles as a villain in telenovelas.

Independence Palomo transsexual girl. Within the earth of leisure, hundreds of speculations are created about the life of celebs of all types, but the most regular always has to do with their sexual orientation, such is the situation of the renowned singer Madonna, who for a lengthy time was questioned about his love tastes.

That is why an interview resurfaces in which the popular actor Armando Palomo, acknowledged for his incredible leading roles as a villain in melodramas, acknowledged the drastic improve he determined to make about his physical overall look and confirmed suspicions about his sexual orientation.

The famous actor Armando Palomo will make confession about his gender identification

Freedom Palomo transsexual woman

Armando Palomo in 2001 produced the decision to surgically change his sexual intercourse and make his new identity community as a transsexual girl and considering the fact that then he calls himself Libertad Palomo and as predicted, this circumstance generated excellent controversy in the everyday living of the villain considering the fact that he was married to a lady and soon after the transformation they continued their romantic connection.

Now, Libertad Palomo reveals her encounter and explains her situation, this she did during the well-known plan of Imagen Television ‘The moment that altered my destiny’ led by the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante. In this discussion, she allowed herself to be seen as a woman, but she built it obvious that she does not take into account herself to be homosexual. Filed Less than: Libertad Palomo transsexual woman.

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