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The family relationship that Belinda had with Amparo “Amparín” Serrano

Relationship between Belinda and Amparín Serrano (Photo: File)

This Friday the artist and graphic designer Amparo Serranoknown as “Amparin passed away at 56 years of age after spending a few days in the hospital. In his honor, part of his creative life has been remembered in distributoras well as his links with artists such as the Belinda singer.

Amparo Serrano not only had a brief stint in the band Flansbut he was also the one who gave the Virgin of Guadalupe a special touch from his look with Distroller and the mastermind of a line of toys like the neonates and the Ksi Meritos.

Beyond his working life related to the arts and creativity, her personal life was marked by special people like her ex-husband David Westfounder of Westwood, a music management company that has represented artists such as Reik, OV7, Sin Bandera, Camila, Carlos Rivera, Yuri, among others well known in Latin America.

(Photo: Instagram/@amparinserrano)
(Photo: Instagram/@amparinserrano)

He had two daughters: Camila and Minnie West. The last one has dedicated herself to acting and has participated in some films such as I like it but it scares me with which he won a Diosa de Plata in the category of Best Newcomer, as well as in programs such as The Rose of Guadeloupe Y Luis Miguel: The series.

And it is exactly through Minnie West that the also actress Belinda is related to Amparito, since she was the mother of her sister-in-law. This means that Belinda’s brother, Ignacio “Nachito” Peregrín, has a relationship with Minnie West.

For a long time Ignacio Peregrín, younger brother of the interpreter of “Sapito”, had already shown his support for the promise of Mexican acting and even became partners in a cantabar that opened in 2014.

However, they recently showed that They have more than a friendship proof of this was Minnie West’s post where she appears with “Nachito” walking around New YorkUSA.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

In a set of nine photos that were uploaded to the social network Instagram, the young couple is seen spending a great time together. In the first eight she comes out posing in a pink dress and in the last one they come out together kissing.

In the past 2021, Ignatius Peregrin, 25 years old, was candidate for federal deputy for mayor Benito Juárez in Mexico City, as part of the Together We Will Make History coalition.

After the death of her mother, the young actress dedicated a post to her on Instagram and has shared multiple stories where personalities like Carlos Rivera or his own father they remember Amparín and send their condolences.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Mom: I write this with a broken heart without believing that this is true … this is a nightmare … I’m going to wake up and you’re going to be here … dancing, drawing, filling the world with creativity, happiness and bad spelling, always leaning on absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted to do, “he wrote.

“You were the rainbow that filled life with color, from now on life will be completely grey. I love you more than anyone and you are immortal because you live in my being and in everything I do, which I will always dedicate everything to you!”, I continue.

Amparin was born on October 31, 1965constantly said that the date she came into the world fit perfectly with her: “Halloween and I have a common denominator with them, I am not very terrestrial, I like to be flying and give free rein to the imagination”, he said. In her childhood, she participated as an extra in the telenovela Toy World (1974).


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