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‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Announces She’s Engaged to Jah and Her Family Disagrees (Exclusive)

'The Family Chantel': Winter Announces She's Engaged to Jah and Her Family Disagrees (Exclusive)

90 days fiance Star Chantel’s family can’t hide their disappointment after her sister Winter announced that she was engaged to longtime boyfriend Jah. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s new episode The Chantel familyWinter drops the big news and is stunned how her family takes it.

Winter’s family aren’t fans of Jah after finding out beforehand that he had a child he’d never told Winter about and for persuading Winter to follow a Nazarene belief that Chantel claimed Winter didn’t even understand . Even so, Winter stayed with Jah, and the clip reveals that they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level. Chantel is immediately disappointed that Winter first told her brother River about the engagement, and so did her mother, Karen. Winter says that Jah proposed in an escape room and Chantel collapses awkwardly: “But you did not escape!”

In a confessional, Chantel also shades the ring that Jah suggested and doesn’t even get the color of the ring – which is blue – right.

“I can’t even see properly because I haven’t put my glasses on,” she says. “I was amazed.”

Karen later tells Winter that she and Jah don’t have to make a wedding date just because they’re engaged.

“Winter, this is your time to pull yourself together,” she says. “Get everything you need and want for yourself and achieve your goals. After you reach her, set an appointment. Don’t run away and get married right away. I don’t think that would be the right thing to do, OK? I mean what I say. “

Winter can’t hide her own disappointment with how her family has received the supposedly exciting, good news.

“My family’s reaction to our engagement wasn’t what I expected,” she told Cameras. “I thought they’d be happy and say, ‘Oh my god, congratulations.’ But it was just the opposite. “

Jah adds, “After all these years, you’d expect them to jump up for joy to have their second daughter married, but they weren’t happy.”

The Chantel family will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on TLC.


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