Home Entertainment The extraordinary Danish series Borgen already has a return date

The extraordinary Danish series Borgen already has a return date

The extraordinary Danish series Borgen already has a return date

When it seems that between one series and another there are no points of contact, suddenly La casa de papel and Borgen they are related. Not because of the plots, precisely, since the Spanish tells the adrenaline of a gang of robbers and The Danish puts the magnifying glass in power the Prime Minister of Denmark.

But they are united by the fact that, released in their respective countries, there was no talk in the world about them and, barely set foot on Netflix, long after, they blew up.

To such an extent that the political story starring Sidse Babett Knudsen will have a seasonal card, given the boom generated by the landing of its three previous seasons, in one breath, 10 years after its premiere, in the middle of the Argentine quarantine of 2020.

Considered by critics and the public as one of the best fictions of recent years, Borgen It was broadcast in Europe through the Danmarks Radio network from 2010. The following year it had a second season and, in 2013, the third came. For three years and from this same section, Clarín suggested that some platform buy it, for its high narrative and interpretive level.

And because, fundamentally, it is a series that knows how to show the political dirt that has no borders and, also, the scale of values ​​of some members of powerLike our Birgitte Nyborg, the first woman to become Prime Minister.

Masterfully, the fiction created by Adam Price not only does it flourish with height in the political arena, but it also shows the consequences of management, the linking fabric of the protagonist and her advisers, the emotions of her husband and her two children. The Birgitte universe is brushed with lights and shadows.

What’s coming from February

In this fourth installment in which Netflix will also produce part of its realization (as it did with La casa de papel, which was born in the Spanish cable as a kind of failure and that since its arrival in streaming, it became a global phenomenon), Birgitte is Chancellor and will be seen fighting other types of battles, not from as high as the previous ones.

In this new installment the main characters follow, which are added Mikkel Boe Folsgaard and Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen (they were in The Rain), Özlem Saglanmak, Simon Bennebjerg, Johanne Louise Schmidt and Magnus Millang.

The actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Katrine Fonsmark, key figure in the story) will no longer be Nyborg’s press officer, but will will return to his old and beloved role of TV journalist.

The life of Birgitte Nyborg

Who is Birgitte? Or better: What does Birgitte represent?

Birgitte And Kasper, His Henchman Who Plays Dirty From The Start.  And She Knows How To Come Out Clean.

Birgitte and Kasper, his henchman who plays dirty from the start. And she knows how to come out clean.

Birgitte Nyborg is not perfect. She is human. He has grays, not as gray as his eyes, but there are no humiliating stains. On the political path that he travels throughout the three seasons of Borgen registers stumbles and some misstep, but manages so that what is imposed, in the end, is his walking with his head raised.

And, speaking of eyes and grays, those of the actress Sidse Babett Knudsen they go from there to the area of ​​the bluish ones, making some chromatic scale in the celestial ones. From there, then, Birgitte observes: and in her case, as a linchpin of the Danish government, the color of your eyes does not matter so much as the intensity of your gaze. It is a look that speaks.

Not recommended for marathons (better to see and digest enjoyment), fiction shows how, as she builds her power, her family harmony begins to crumble. It is not ambition or excess that is playing against him. It is his need to do what he thinks, a concept that he reels often, and in his different roles, through his 30 episodes, especially in the latter.

Sidse Babett Knudsen Was Born 52 Years Ago In Copenhagen.  He Has Been Working For Almost 30 Years, But His Worldwide Recognition Bequeathed Him With &Quot;Borgen&Quot;.

Sidse Babett Knudsen was born 52 years ago in Copenhagen. He has been working for almost 30 years, but his worldwide recognition bequeathed him with “Borgen”.

Let’s go to the end of the third, without spoil too much. He no longer holds the position of Prime Minister. Arrives at the televised debate of “The leaders of the new Parliament.” Red cap, one of his two children on one hand, his new partner on the other. Smile Birgitte, subtle, confident, without a hint of arrogance, enviable. Journalists run to meet him:

-Where will you be in Danish politics?

-That’s what the voters say.

-Who supports you?

-I don’t know yet, but a vote for us is a voice for change.

A reference in Danish journalism tells the camera that “Birgitte Nyborg has arrived with her boyfriend, the English architect Jeremy Welsh and with her two children… Nyborg radiates triumph”. And she advances to the debate clinging to her affections, but also to her ideas. And to their ideals.

Sustained by a good campaign in which his media advisor shone, Kasper juul, came to the post of Prime Minister not without first making it clear to him what conceptual places did I not go. She is not a woman to betray, Birgitte, much less to betray herself. And in that key scene from the beginning, the series marks its territory.

As it will also be seen what is of the life of Katrine fonsmark, the star journalist of TV1 who, from her different roles, engages in interesting duels with Nyborg, to finish next to her. It should not be a coincidence that the actress is called Birgitte (Hjort Sorensen).

One Of The Best Things About &Quot;Borgen&Quot; Is That Birgitte Always Plays As A Team.  It Is His Way Of Moving In Power.

One of the best things about “Borgen” is that Birgitte always plays as a team. It is his way of moving in power.

Yes OK the narrative magnifying glass never goes out of focus on the figure of the prime minister, the series also deals with the government’s relationship with the press. It’s fiction, yes, but it’s also Denmark.

The life of the actress behind Birgitte

Babett Knudsen debuted in Danish film Let’s get lost, and among his works stands out that of After the wedding, that was Oscar nominee for best foreign film.

Five years ago he shared a poster with Tom Hanks in Inferno, directed by Ron Howard, and in 2016 he also won a Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for the French L’hermine.

Your newsletter has good marks, both from the public and the critics, but it is Birgitte’s composition that gave her the excellent (at least part of Clarion). All who have seen Borgen they were seduced by Birgitte. Hillary Clinton, former First Lady of the United States, and Letizia Ortiz, Queen Consort of Spain, have made public their admiration for the character.

A fictional creature that who would not want to have in their home. Or, neither more nor less, in the Government House.

Reference from clarin