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The Entre-Nous Festival brings the best of France, including the latest from Roman Polanski

The Entre-Nous Festival brings the best of France, including the latest from Roman Polanski

This Wednesday, July 14, in accordance with the commemorative celebration of the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, which symbolizes the beginning of the French Revolution, the French Film Festival begins Entre-Nous.

The festival is presented by the Institut français d’Argentine together with the Institut français du Chili, the French Alliance in Paraguay and the French Alliance in Uruguay.

There will be movies to watch online, and others that will have face-to-face screenings.

Fabrice Luchini, In &Quot;Alice

Fabrice Luchini, in “Alice’s Advice”, premiere. Photo “Entre Nous”

Next, all the programming.



In the Atlas Patio Bullrich. Ticket purchase: https://www.atlascines.com/. Check schedules.


Polanski’s new film. Photo “Entre-nous”


By Roman Polanski

Drama, 2019, 126 minutes

In 1894, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young Jewish officer, was charged with treason for spying for Germany and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island in French Guiana. Among the witnesses who made this humiliation possible is Colonel Georges Picquart, in charge of leading the counterintelligence unit that discovered the spy. But when Picquart learns that military secrets are still being passed on to the Germans, he will enter a dangerous maze of lies and corruption, endangering his honor and life.

Festivals: 2019: Venice Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize and FIPRESCI Prize 2019: 3 César Awards: Best Director, Adapted Screenplay and Costumes. 12 Nominations 2019: European Film Awards: Nominated for Best Film, Director, Screenplay and Actor.

&Quot;Things ...&Quot; Had 13 César Award Nominations.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“Things …” had 13 César Award nominations. Photo “Entre-Nous”

The things we say, the things we do

By Emmanuel Mouret

Romantic comedy, 2020, 122 minutes

Vacation in the French countryside. Daphné, three months pregnant, is alone to receive Maxime, the cousin of her boyfriend François, who has had to go to Paris to cover for a sick colleague. For four days, while waiting for François to return, Daphne and Maxime meet and share very intimate stories that will bring them closer together …

Festivals: 2020: Cannes Film Festival. Official Selection 2020: César Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Dequenne). 13 nominations 2020: Gijón Film Festival: Official Selection for Competition (“Albar” Section).

In &Quot;Three Days ...&Quot; Sandrine Bonnaire Acts.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

In “Three days …” Sandrine Bonnaire acts. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Three days and a life

By Nicolas Boukhrief

Thriller / Drama, 2019, 120 minutes

Christmas 1999 in a quiet village in the Ardennes region. The life of a boy named Antoine will soon be devastated by three tragic events: the death of a dog, the disappearance of a child and a severe storm.

&Quot;My God ...&Quot; Was A Hit In Theaters In France.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“My God …” was a hit in theaters in France. Photo “Entre-Nous”

OMG what have we done now

By Philippe de Chauveron Comedy, 2019, 99 minutes

After seeing their daughters marry a Muslim, a Jew, a Chinese and an African, Claude and Marie Verneuil face a new crisis. His four sons-in-law, Rachid, David, Chao and Charles, are determined to leave France with their wives and children to try their fortune abroad. Unable to imagine their family away from them, Claude and Marie are willing to do anything to keep them.

&Quot;Mon Chien Stupide&Quot; Is From The Director Of &Quot;My Wife Is An Actress.&Quot;  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“Mon chien Stupide” is from the director of “My wife is an actress.” Photo “Entre-Nous”

Mon chien Stupide

By Yvan Attal

Romantic comedy, 2019, 106 minutes

Henri is a middle-aged writer in crisis. And who are the people responsible for your failures, your sexual abstinence and your back pain? His wife and four children. Right at the critical moment when he is taking stock of his life, of all the women he will never have again, and all the cars he will never drive … a five-foot, rude and overzealous dog decides settle into your home. Despite the attempts of his entire family to kick him out, and his wife’s unconditional love beginning to waver, this dog they decide to call “Stupid” becomes Henri’s new best friend and will help him understand that in the adaptation to change is your true happiness.

Online mode

There are 12 French productions, available for free, from July 14 to 21.

&Quot;My God ...&Quot;, Comedy.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“My God …”, comedy. Photo “Entre-Nous”

OMG what have we done now (Philippe de Chauveron)

The Things We Say ... &Quot;Had Three Nominations For César. Photo&Quot; Entre-Nous &Quot;

The things we say … “had three nominations for César. Photo” Entre-Nous ”

The things we say, the things we do (Emmanuel Mouret)

&Quot;Synonyms&Quot;, Awarded At The Berlin Festival.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“Synonyms”, awarded at the Berlin Festival. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Synonyms: an Israeli in Paris (Nadav Lapid) See review


&Quot;Les Miserables&Quot; Was Nominated For An Oscar For Best International Film.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

“Les miserables” was nominated for an Oscar for best international film. Photo “Entre-nous”

The Miserables (Ladj Ly) See review


Fabrice Luchini Is The Mayor In &Quot;Alice

Fabrice Luchini is the mayor in “Alice’s Advice”. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Alice’s advice (Nicolas Pariser)

In &Quot;Three Days ...&Quot; Sandrine Bonnaire Acts.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

In “Three days …” Sandrine Bonnaire acts. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Trois jours et une vie (Nicolas Boukhrief)


Costa-Gavras’s screenplay for “A Closed Doors” was nominated for a César. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Behind closed doors (Costa-Gavras)

Jean-Louis Trintignant And Anouk Aimée In Leloluch

Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée in Leloluch’s film. Photo “Entre-Nous”

The most beautiful years (Claude Lelouch)

The Director Of &Quot;Entre Los Muros&Quot; Made &Quot;El Atelier&Quot;.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

The director of “Entre los muros” made “El Atelier”. Photo “Entre-Nous”

The Atelier (Laurent Cantet) See review


The Great Filmmaker.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

The great filmmaker. Photo “Entre-nous”

Varda by Agnès (Agnès Varda) See review


Nahuel Pérez Biscayart .. Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

Nahuel Pérez Biscayart .. Photo “Entre-nous”

120 beats per minute (Robin Campillo) See review


Eleven Nominations For Caesar Had &Quot;Three Memories ...&Quot;, And Won Best Director.  Photo &Quot;Entre-Nous&Quot;

Eleven nominations for Caesar had “Three Memories …”, and won Best Director. Photo “Entre-Nous”

Three memories of my youth (Arnaud Desplechin) See review