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The Dragon Balls arrive in Mexico City

This Sunday the orange carpet of the movie took place dragon ball super herowhich will hit theaters on August 18 in Mexican theaterswhich follows the story of Gohan who will face two warriors from The Red Patrol, who pretend to be superheroes but in reality they just want to destroy and take power.

over the carpet paraded the various dubbing actors who have been an important part of the tapes created by Akira Toriyamaas well as personalities such as Rocío Garcel, Beto Castillo, Arturo Castañeda, Luis Manuel Ávila, Octavio Rojas, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, among many others, to be able to give the details of this new animated film and everything new to come.

Undoubtedly one of the surprises of the day was the presence of the dubbing actress Rocío Garcel, who gives voice to the famous character Bulma.was received with shouts of emotion and applause, because for years she has given life to such an emblematic role, Octavio Rojas, who makes Magenta, introduced the artist, dedicating a few words of admiration to her.

“For me it is an honor to present a wonderful human beingsomeone who is undoubtedly an example and I have learned a lot, all the generations and the cast have grown up with her, Rocío Gacel, who is a brilliant woman”, said the actor to those present.

To which the actress mentioned with a smile: “That’s my Bulma, I love Bulma from the first chapter, since I started doing her, she is a lovely character and she is an incredible woman in the seriesyes, she has had many changes and always has that classic character of hers, she is charming, I love my Bulma and I hope that God continues to give me time to continue doing her”, which caused the smiles of the fans who arrived at an early hour.

Luis Manuel Ávila will lend his voice to the character Gohan |  Javier Rios

Luis Manuel Ávila will lend his voice to the character Gohan | Javier Rios

Lalo Garza who performs the voice of Krillin, thanked all the fans and lovers of Dragon Ball for being present, as many arrived from 8:00 on Sunday morning, The actor knows that this story has not only transcended the screen, but has crossed generations, remaining in the history of manga and cartoons.

“Thank you all for staying up late on a Sunday morning, I hope you enjoy the show and this event with lots of love; As for this film, I consider that there are projects that have an emotional memory, hearing and seeing certain works, series, films that give that nostalgia, connect a lot with people, you always have to put those beautiful moments at hand for the public; When I get a new opportunity to double Krillin again, I know that it is a huge degree of responsibility, in the case of this film, it has a very strong and sad challenge at the same time because Mr. Luis Alfonso Mendoza is no longer with us, Gohan’s original voice, so definitely this function, this carpet is for him, of course and there are several more that should be here and are no longer, however we remember them and dedicate this event to them, “said Lalo.

René García, who gives life to Vegetta, assures that although he does various famous voices, Veggetta is the character he has a lot of love and respect for, since he has been with him since the nineties.

“Being part of this for so many years is incredible, so many years have passed, I have had a lifetime with a very large family, I have known most of them for a long time, for example Rocío, she already had an institution when she I met, besides, Vegetta has been an evolution, he has transformed, he really changed and that reached people, he became more human since he became a father and although he is an alien he has a much more human connection than many, he learned from that Rene said.

Dragon Ball Super Hero arrives in theaters in Mexico on August 18, brought by Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures.


Luis Manuel Ávila, known for being Junior in the La Familia Peluche series, is now the new voice of Gohan, this after Luis Alfonso Mendoza (Original Voice) passed away in 2020, along with his wife.

Other Voices:

Carola Vázquez is Videl, Circe Luna is Pan, Miguel Ángel Ruiz is Dr. Hedo, Carmine is played by Beto Castillo, Mario Castañeda is Goku, Víctor Ugarte is Goten.

The tape can be seen in its original subtitled version, or with a Latin dubbing.


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