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The dog that does not shut up, the film that anticipated the pandemic

The dog that does not shut up, the film that anticipated the pandemic

The new movie of Ana Katz, that little jewel in a small container that usually goes unnoticed by the general public – as a boy goes for the production of his films, usually far from the mainstream of Argentine cinema, except The Marziano– is perhaps the most experimental of the director of The chair game and A wandering bride.

From the black and white with which she chose to narrate, the director played for an aesthetic look. And with history he also bet big.

The protagonist is Sebastián, a guy who wanders from job to job. First, because before the complaints of their neighbors (Carlos Portaluppi, among them) of the incessant barking of his dog Rita, takes her to work with him. And her superior (Valeria lois) ends up clearing the way out.

Pandemic?  Yes, But Ana Katz Finished Shooting The Film In 2019. Photo Press

Pandemic? Yes, but Ana Katz finished shooting the film in 2019. Photo Press

From there Sebastián – played by Daniel Katz, the director’s brother – will wander from one place to another, go to the fields, work in a vegetable cooperative, on a radio program.

Prepandemic pandemic

If nothing is easy for him -although it must be agreed that Sebastián does not put too much resistance to anything-, the outbreak of a pandemic will make his existence more complex, already with a partner (Juliet Zylberberg).

Daniel Katz And Valeria Lois.  Black And White Is Another Contribution.  Press Photo

Daniel Katz and Valeria Lois. Black and white is another contribution. Press photo

Katz wrote and shot his sixth feature long before someone had bat soup in Wuhan. So the scenes with diving suits and taking care of the boys are foreboding.

As the film was shot in different stages, it had five different cinematographers. Can you tell, is there an imbalance? Not at all.

Obviously the pandemic is strange, but other things are more striking. For example, the lament of that neighbor from the beginning is not so much because of the annoyance of the barking of the dog that is really a bitch, because her name is Rita, but because it causes pain to listen to her and notice that she is alone.

It Is A Different Film From What Ana Katz Had Done, But At The Same Time, Similar.  It'S About People, Not Facts.  Press Photo

It is a different film from what Ana Katz had done, but at the same time, similar. It’s about people, not facts. Press photo

How lonely Sebastian is and feels later, even if he is with his partner, or not anymore.

Katz builds her character and her environment to talk about loneliness, from manners, with that humor that is so much hers, and with a lyrical spirit.

On The dog that does not shut up there are many ellipsis, spaces and contents that must be filled by the viewer. It is a different film than what I had done, but at the same time, similar. It is about people, not about facts, acts or circumstances.

“The dog that does not shut up”

Very good

Drama. Argentina, 2021. 73 ‘, ATP L. From: Ana Katz. With: Daniel Katz, Julieta Zylberberg, Valeria Lois. Rooms: Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano and Norcenter.

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